BLabs Community Update // August 11, 2021

Hello all!

In an effort to make these updates more readable, I’ve removed the explainers in each subcategory and added links to the relevant documentation. If anything’s still unclear, feel free to ask questions!


Smart Contract & Integrations

Smart Contracts

MetaStable Pools

Updates: Finished w/ testnet deployments. Rate provider (what is the price between certain assets) code is finished. Deployment code is 90% finished.
Status: Deployment expected in 1-3 weeks

Staking Contracts

Updates: Multi Rewards has been reviewed by Certora; close to completion. Lido staking (updated version of Merkle redeem) getting deployed soon

Separate from the distribution contracts, there is discussion in the forum about staking BPT and how it could affect Voting Power and Liquidity Mining.

Status: Lido almost deployed. MultiRewards close to completion w/ Certora

Linear Pools

Updates: Development continues and is going smoothly; no blockers discovered so far.

Status: In development


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

Updates: Deployed

Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, PolyGen)

Sidechains & L2

Updates: Polygon is going fine; Arbitrum is launching in August.

Status/Upcoming Tasks: Set up deployment scripts, do the deployments themselves, subgraph, UI, pool creations, pool seeding, Ballers LM discussion

Frontend UI

  • Token Registry Refactor
    • Big improvement, but introduced a couple bugs; working through them this week
  • Upcoming improvements to navigation bar
  • Discussing moving away from Intercom
  • Invest/Withdraw page redesign
  • SOR updates for wstETH in the upcoming Lido pool
  • SOR API work
  • Gnosis interface improvements
  • Gnosis Safe integration
  • Upcoming EIP1559 support
  • V1 → V2 Migration feature updates in design stage


  • Grants
    • Starting their own blog, organization, everything
  • Community
    • Consolidating documentation and information sharing
    • Monthly tech call
    • Monthly community call
  • Strategy