BLabs Community Update // August 26, 2021

Smart Contract & Integrations

Building [on] a secure & flexible protocol

Smart Contracts

MetaStable Pools

Updates: Lido wstETH/WETH pool launch went well, with a few UI tweaks following launch. LDO Distributions are available to claim here: Balancer
Status: Launched, monitoring

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

Status: Lido is live, Staking contracts are under audit

Linear Pools
Updates: Nothing of note; moving forward as expected. Some pieces w/ uncertainty are developing smoothly. No unexpected issues so far.


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
Updates: Deployed
Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)
Example UI from Copper

Sidechains & L2


  • Polygon
    • Going fine
    • MATIC distributions ending
  • Arbitrum is launching SoonTM

Status: Upcoming


Balancer Ecosystem Pools (How to display pools of projects building on Balancer?)
Updates: Working on displaying pools from other teams. Need some subgraph changes
Status: in progress. Starting with

Gnosis Solver
Updates: soft launched!
Status: UI ready

Frontend team updates:

  • invest/withdrawal flow work
  • Hotfix for metastable wstETH withdrawals
  • Metastable pool chart fices
  • Refactoring the SOR
  • Create SOR V2 repo
  • Gnosis improvements
  • Arbitrum UI
  • Subgraph improvements

Ecosystem Team

  • Marketing:
    • Branding
    • Hackathons!
      • Polygon (sooner)
      • ETHGlobal
    • Decentralization blog post from BLabs COO Kristen Stone
    • Interview requests
    • Developer marketing
      • Docs timeline
      • Audiences
      • Bottlenecks
  • Balancer Grants
    • Their own blog, organization, everything
    • They posted on Medium
    • BLabs is handling one last grant in progress; they’re doing the rest
  • Community
    • Monthly community call went well
    • Monthly tech call in 2 weeks
      • What does the community want to know about, Gnosis integration?
    • Partner AMAs
  • Documentation
    • Talk to Jeremy about tech writer
    • Balancer-tutorials underway
      • Goal: python, js, solidity samples/tutorials/walkthroughs
  • Strategy
    • Partnerships!
    • Governance
      • POAP for snapshot votes
      • Cross chain strategy
      • Delegation!
    • Community building
  • People Ops