BLabs x Community Update // October 20, 2021

Hi Everyone, below are the updates from the past week. If you have any suggestions on the format of the updates please reach out to me here, on Discord (Kia | Balancer#1525) or on Twitter. We have received some community feedback around the updates and are always looking for ways to improve them.

The UI will be updated tomorrow and the integration will be live. The partnership will be announced at Lisbon alongside a marketing video. :tada:

MetaStable Pools
TUSD Pool on Polygon is set from the technical side. Distribution work is underway with Biz Dev, the Committee and external parties.

Ongoing Product Development Projects:
Relayer for the Linear Pools, design of new Managed Pools. Pool Creation UI.

Merkle Orchard:
Contract has been successfully deployed and the frontend has been integrated. Distributions for BAL and UNN using the Orchard have been successfully conducted. :deciduous_tree::apple::deciduous_tree::tada:

A number of missed requirements led the core dev team to need to make some new design decisions. The team is feeling confident about the new design. We are aiming to resume development as soon as resource allocation allows us to. Here at BLabs we very much understand that this is a priority for the community and the Ballers and want to echo the same sentiments. We see the StakingDistributor as a necessary piece for the growth of the protocol.

Sidechains & L2s

We have noticed some discrepancies between our data and that of CoinGecko and Token Terminal. Members of the team are reaching out to resolve the issue.


  • Thursday: Balancer-Gnosis-Protocol Announcement
  • We are hiring a Product Marketing Manager – posting here