BLabs x Community Update // October 5, 2021

Smart Contracts and Integrations

Gnosis Launch

  • Balancer solver
    • All pool types should be supported now
  • Frontend
    • Ready! Testing is important
  • Marketing
    • Working on launch video
  • Monitoring Metrics
    • Let’s keep an eye on our trade volume coming from the UI vs BGP
  • BAL for Gas
    • This may wind down when Gnosis’ gasless trades launch

MetaStable Pools

  • TUSD
    • They’re working on getting triple LM
      • MATIC
      • TRU
      • BAL

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem/Orchard
    • Pickle is getting their own contract this week
    • Orchard should be deployed and ready by next week
    • UI is ready to support the orchard
  • StakingDistributor
    • Started working on this
    • Assessing where we’re at, and what else we want to do with it
    • Developing plan, will determine how fast we’ll be ready
  • Looking into implementing tokenomics proposal
    • Looking at the veCRV contracts
    • Possible use cases
      • Signaling LM
      • Etc

Linear Pools

  • ToB Audit underway
    • No major issues so far
    • Finished end of this week

Managed Pools

  • Fei wants to use these
    • They’ll want the new version
  • Still waiting on Techemy, WSBDapp deployed on mainnet
    • AMA Wednesday on Twitter w/ them

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

  • Copper
    • Balancer UI now points back to Copper UI for LBPs
  • Polygen
    • No updates
  • PrimeDAO
    • No updates
    • Keep pushing back launch timeline (Est Nov now)
  • GRO launch:
    • $18.3 million raised
    • $37.4 million volume
      • $5.1 million volume in other pools
  • GRO is launching an 80/20 pool after conversation w/ LM committee

Sidechains & L2

  • Arbitrum TVL: ~$82m
  • Polygon TVL: ~$175m
    • Slingshot and Paraswap integrated!
  • Any more side chains or L2 planned? No. Still no.
    • Announced at last community call



Subgraph Changes

  • PRs in progress
    • One merged
    • One pending on review
    • Trading UI updates will be merged after
  • Analytics subgraph idea with pulling data from not just Balancer, getting more accurate price data
  • May move subgraph to data team and could hire someone dedicated to take care of that

Pool Creation

  • Started implementing based on the designs
  • Conceptual design almost finalized

Merkle Orchard

  • Frontend ready, just needs the “go” signal

Production Docker Image

  • Push to docker hub anytime we push to master
  • Spin up production app in a decentralized way
  • One-click deploys

Frontend Tests

  • Worth looking at Cyprus over Selenium
    • Can interact with MM
    • Zekraken is using Selenium, let’s chat about that
  • Backend of frontend tests

Github Project Board

  • Discussing using this to address bridging the disconnect between Ballers, users, and Frontend team on UI Bugs

Invest/Withdraw Flow

  • Coming along nicely, about 60% done
    • Coming soon: Invest with ETH
    • To discuss for Linear Pools

Ecosystem Team

  • Marketing

    • Sponsoring ETH Denver in Feb
    • Wednesday - Twitter spaces AMA w/ Techemy/WSBDapp
    • Thursday - Twitter spaces AMA w/ Fei Protocol
    • Video on Gnosis/Balancer partnership
    • WSB Releasing a PR
    • BLabs Hiring Product Marketing Manager
  • Biz Dev

    • GRO moving liquidity to Balancer
    • Working on educational materials to better write conceptual explainers
  • Community

    • Did not go well: Hackathon support
    • Functional ownership: working to get clarity on what BLabs “owns”
      • Need: Input from Community
    • Next Baller meeting next Monday
      • Operational Lead inside the DAO
  • BLabs Interim GC

    • Working on Narrative, Org structure