BLabs x Community Update // September 29, 2021

Smart Contracts & Integrations

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem/Orchard
    • MerkleRedeem is catching on
    • Soon we’ll have Merkle Orchard to consolidate these Redeem contracts all to one contract (per network)
  • StakingDistributor
    • Will make this push after MerkleOrchard

Linear Pools

  • Nothing worth sharing; on time to be finished
  • Audits happening

Managed Pools

  • Techemy, WSBDapp deployed on mainnet
    • Sorting out a few things on the UI but generally going smoothly
  • General expected Managed Pool usage
    • Deployed pool is not meant to be used in isolation, but rather should be paired with a management contract
      • Pools will not be considered “safe” by default until their management contracts are inspected (UI allowlist, for example)

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

Updates: Deployed

Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)

  • Copper
    • Balancer UI now points back to Copper UI for LBPs
  • Polygen
    • No updates
  • PrimeDAO
    • No updates

Sidechains & L2


  • Planning on comparing 1Inch vs SOR prices
    • User-friendly data will go a long way to show cases where SOR is better
  • Show them how helpful batchswap is
    • 1Inch is still using singleswap
    • Going to do this on Kovan w/ balpy
  • Paraswap has been very cooperative with us


Managed Pools

  • Add support for joins when swaps are disabled
  • New join type
    • AllTokensInForExactBptOut

Gnosis Launch

Waiting on full solver integration; we’re on the same page for launch expectations. They’re working on it.

Subgraph Changes

  • PRs almost ready to be merged
    • Trading UI updates will be merged after
  • Analytics subgraph idea pulling data from not just Balancer, getting more accurate price data

Pool Creation

  • Design being finalized

Merkle Orchard

  • Will start looking into this this week

Docker Tests

  • Looking to decentralize frontend

Ecosystem Team

  • New BLabs folks!
  • Marketing
    • Sponsoring ETH Denver in Feb
    • Thursday - Twitter spaces w/ Techemy/WSBDapp
    • Starting work on video on Gnosis/Balancer partnership
  • Biz Dev
    • Going to start working more closely with Polygon
      • Grants and Promotion
      • Ex. Copper
  • New Grants
    • UMich grad students working on Liquidity Optimization Algorithm
    • developing KYC compliant real estate trading on top Medium
    • Governance bot that’ll tweet when Snapshots start and end
  • Community
    • Proposal to revamp LM on Polygon live
    • Next Baller meeting in 2 weeks
    • Sourcecred launched