BLabs x Community Update // September 22, 2021

Smart Contracts & Integrations

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem
    • VitaDAO mining started this week; upcoming distribution this coming week
    • Merkle Redeem is deployed to Arbitrum
      • More groups interested in joining the Merkle Fun!
  • StakingDistributor vs MerkleOrchard
    • MerkleOrchard in the near term
      • An “orchard” of Merkle trees – distribute multiple tokens from one contract instead of deploying a MerkleRedeem for each new token
    • StakingDistributor in the longer term
      • Final bug fixes for StakingDistributor are going into the contracts following the audit

Investment Pools

  • Techemy, WSBDapp have done their testnet integrations
  • BarnBridge inquiring (Relevant article)
    • All they really need is the weight-shifting mechanisms of the Investment Pools. They could have a Smart Contract be the pool owner that has limited hooks that only let it change weights

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

  • Copper
    • aKLIMA LBP did $33.5M in volume and raised $17M
      • Created another $6M in volume in other pools!
  • Polygen
    • No updates
  • PrimeDAO
    • No updates

Sidechains & L2

  • Arbitrum TVL: ~$47m
    • Subgraph outages: are other teams as reliant on the Subgraph as we are, or do they cache chain data themselves?
  • Polygon TVL: ~$153m
    • No news
  • Any more side chains or L2 planned? No. Still no.


  • Conversation has evolved in an interesting way
    • Paraswap is willing to use the SOR but 1inch won’t do that
    • What intermediate tooling can we provide them?
      • An SDK to give them the data they need might go a long way
        • Maybe PoolType/Price/Derivative
    • How can we show 1inch compelling reasons (hard data) that some SOR routes are better than 1inch routes?
      • What routes are they missing out on?
      • Screenshots side by side
      • Possibly a script down the line, but not immediately


Investment Pools

  • 10+ token functionality is ready on Invest Page, some work needed for pool page
    • Techemy & WSB are expecting high token pools (They have a 20 token pool they want to create)
  • Pool-specific metadata (ex “ABC manages this pool”)


  • PR Ready to be merged that links an LBP back to the Copper page for that pool
    • (We’ll need to remove/modify this when there are competing LBP UIs)

Gnosis Launch
Waiting on full solver integration

Subgraph Changes

  • “Trending pairs” widget/tiles not fillable from the Subgraph alone, TBD how to best calculate and share this information.
  • Idea for an analytics subgraph that pulls data from not just Balancer

Pool Creation

  • Design being finalized, then implementation begins!

Ecosystem Team

  • Marketing
    • Found our video person, going to do a trial run for Gnosis (they’re on board!)
    • Signed “The Writing Studio” to help write blogs, thought-leadership, and more
    • Product Marketing – potentially going to hire for that
      • Someone to explain technical things to DeFi Degens
    • Hackathons!
      • ETHGlobal
        • Jeff already did the talk here
      • Polygon
        • Jeff doing workshop tomorrow
  • Biz Dev
    • Progress on the docs
    • Talking to lots of potential partners
  • New Grants
    • Atlantis (2D metaverse)
    • A company wants to do real estate trading (w/ KYC)
  • Community
    • Tempus postponed their AMA until their Testnet is done
    • Wednesday the 29th for a Tech Call
    • Baller meeting yesterday
    • Another Baller meeting Monday 1PM Eastern

Want To Get Involved?

Here are some recommended tasks for contributors

  • Balancer SOR vs 1inch Router prices
    • Gather data on token pairs/amounts to compare prices through the Balancer SOR and 1inch’s router
    • In what set of conditions does the SOR provide better prices?
  • Request that coingecko update token information to include Arbitrum addresses where missing (