BLabs Community Update // September 15, 2021

Smart Contracts & Integrations

MetaStable Pools

  • Partners exploring creating their own
  • Exploring multiple ways to facilitate trades through pool tokens

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem
    • Coming to Arbitrum soon!
  • StakingDistributor
    • Audit finished
    • A few things to be addressed, nothing major

Stable Pools

  • OZ Audit completed
    • No math problems discovered
    • Performing one extra multiplication that isn’t required, so could be very slightly more efficient

Investment Pools

  • Live on testnets (Kovan, Rinkeby)
    • Waiting on these partners to deploy their pool

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
Updates: Deployed
Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)

  • Copper
    • Launched and announced their UI
  • Polygen
    • No updates
  • PrimeDAO
    • No updates

Sidechains & L2

  • Arbitrium TVL: ~$30m
  • Polygon TVL: ~$175m
    • No news
  • Any more side chains or L2 planned? No. Still no.
    • Announced at last community call


  • Discussing MetaStable Pools w/ 1inch
  • SOR Effort: what do aggregators need? How can we facilitate making this as easy as possible?


Balancer Ecosystem Pools

  • Element is live and other ones should be easy to add

Investment Pools (ie >8 Token Pools)

  • UI mostly done
  • Darkmode designs in process or finished
  • What other info/functionality do we want to add more this?
    • Pool Metadata
      • Off-chain data (who is this pool manager, what’s their background etc)
  • Techemy & WSB are expecting this

Gnosis Launch

Waiting to complete their solver integration
Soft-launch is done. Full launch is for Gnosis to be the default option.

Ecosystem Team

  • Marketing
    • Priorities
      • (1) Product & Partnership Marketing
      • (2) Hackathons
      • (3) Developer Marketing
      • (4) Content Marketing (including video)
    • Hackathons!
      • Polygon
      • ETHGlobal
    • Branding
      • Firm Selected!
    • Highlight LM and Developer Messaging
      • Dev Docs
      • Audiences
      • Bottlenecks
  • Documentation (biz dev)
    • Improve our current documentation to provide an accurate map for developers to discover what can be done with Balancer
    • Ship the new interesting use cases (developer team)
    • Work with marketing to determine the best distribution channel for this information to “land” with the right audience
  • Grants
    • Indexed grant has been granted! Work has begun
    • dHEDGE trading and LP support
    • HaloDAO exploring FOREX
    • Tempus separating yield and principal
    • Start looking into vertical-specific grants committees
      • Ex. NFT sub-committee
  • Community
    • Two calls/month might be too much
    • Monthly community call upcoming (Sept 29)
    • Monthly tech call
    • AMAs highlighting partnerships
  • Partnerships / Growth
    • Lots of projects going on
      • Drowning in partnerships
      • Asset/Portfolio Management Space
        • Index Fund projects
        • Time to target DAO Treasuries
    • Scouting
      • Wide view of DeFi and identify opportunities
      • Exploring how to bring degens to Balancer