BLabs Community Update // August 18, 2021

Smart Contract & Integrations

Building [on] a secure & flexible protocol

Smart Contracts

MetaStable Pools
Updates: Lido pool is up and running! LDO LM contract is live; still need the UI set up.
Status: Live!

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts
Updates: MultiToken distribution contract going to be reviewed by Open Zeppelin; expected changes should be small if any.
Status: In review

Linear Pools
Updates: Being developed, going smoothly. All going according to plan
Status: In development


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
Updates: None
Status: Contracts live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)

Sidechains & L2
Updates: Polygon is going just fine. Arbitrum is launching in “late August”; will start looking into Balancer deployments in the next few days.
Status: Upcoming

Balancer Ecosystem Pools
Updates: Have some design mockups. Partners seemed receptive. These pools can be displayed on main app, but pool management should be on their UIs so we don’t have to handle all the unique pool attributes
Status: Design stage

Many-Token Pools
Updates: Exploring an upcoming deployment on Kovan so the UI team can start playing with designs
Status: Contracts near-ready


Google Analytics: Added to the main app and polygon app and marketing site. No cookies or IP tracking. Implementation might need work to track page changes. We’ll give it a few weeks w/o cookies before deciding if that’s something we might need.

Additional updates:

  • Bug fixing
  • Invest/withdraw redesign
  • Navigation bar redesign
    • Intercom widget is making this difficult, but Ballers like Intercom for chat functionality
  • SOR refactoring w/ version system
  • SOR API for Gnosis in early research phase
  • Lido Pool launch
  • Gnosis solver launch interfacing
  • Discord Tip bot
  • Subgraph improvements
  • Ecosystem pools table

Ecosystem Team