BLabs Community Update // September 1, 2021

Smart Contracts

MetaStable Pools

  • Issue with single asset removal for wstETH has been fixed

Stable Pools

  • OZ Audits ongoing for Stable Pools
    • No news is good news so far

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem: LDO claiming contract going well; additional teams inquiring
  • MultiDistributor: OZ audits underway.

Investment Pools

  • Weighted pool math w/ weight-shifting mechanisms, optional management fees, optional allowlists, and swap pause-ability
  • In development


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
Updates: Deployed
Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)

  • UI teams appear to be close to their respective launches. Copper likely first.

Sidechains & L2

  • Arbitrum launched today!
  • Polygon still going strong


Balancer Ecosystem Pools
Element pools will be the first partner-created pools featured on the UI.

Google Analytics
Considered DONE! Moving forward let’s make sure Google Analytics is on all newly launched products / sites

Gnosis Launch
Updates: softlaunched; users can activate through user settings.
Status: awaiting more complete coverage of Balancer pools (ex. Stable Pools) before it becomes the default.

Working on upcoming features such as…

  • Pool creation UI
  • Trade UI improvements
  • Refreshed invest & withdraw flow


  • TVL ~2.8B :fire: Liquidity distribution: 50% on V2, 42% on V1, 8% on Polygon

  • wstETH/WETH MetaStable Pool quickly made it to the top 5 mainnet v2 pools in liquidity

  • Trading activity on Ethereum and Polygon

  • Balancer’s market share growing on Polygon :tada: Unfortunately Dune is not properly indexing Polygon events so data after Aug 23 is not reliable.