BLabs Community Update // September 8, 2021

Smart Contracts

MetaStable Pools

  • More groups interested in launching their own

Liquidity Mining Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Redeem: Increased interest following LDO claim contract launch
  • MultiDistributor: OZ audits underway. Should be wrapping up this week then we need to make changes

Investment Pools

  • Similar to weighted pools, but with this pool they have a manager who can change the weights. The manager can collect fees.
  • Deployed on testnet; testing underway

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
Updates: Deployed
Status: Live and waiting on external UIs (PrimeDAO, Copper, Polygen)

  • Copper
    • Will also be on Polygon
    • Launch date TBD, SoonTM
  • Polygen
    • Expected on the order of weeks
  • PrimeDAO
    • Test Sale complete
    • Expected on the order of weeks

Sidechains & L2

  • Arbitrium: How is it going? $13M in liquidity.
    • Liquidity mining has started, APR is still high
    • Network is off to a slow start, lower than expected
  • Polygon: still going fine
  • Any more side chains or L2 planned? Nothing planned right now


  • This is an ongoing project that we should prioritize


Balancer Ecosystem Pools
Simple solution is live! Minor improvements continuing

Investment Pools (ie >8 Token Pools)
Partners are expecting this; they have a 20 token pool they want to create

Gnosis Launch
Ironing out some issues regarding trade value and covering all pool types. Soft-launch is done. Hard-launch is for Gnosis to be the default option.