BLabs x Community Update // November 2, 2021

Hi Everyone, below are the updates from the past week. We are moving the BLabs x Community updates to a 2 week cadence – as always, please feel free to reach out with any feedbacks.

Product Development
Boosted Pools (formerly Linear Pools):

  • Frontend and Relayer contract are in progress
  • Testing of the developed contracts is in progress

Ongoing Product Development Projects:
Managed Pools, Pool Creation UI, Swap table on Pool Pages :muscle:

Merkle Orchard:
The Orchard has successfully been in use last week and this week:deciduous_tree::apple::deciduous_tree::tada:

Sidechains & L2s


  • TrueUSD pool coming up


  • SEO work in progress
  • 3 new videos in production
  • Hiring for a Product Marketing Manager here


  • Alchemist proposal to handle post LBP distributions was approved for a 3-month trial
  • Proposals for Baller funding and Grants are in progress