BLabs x Community Update // December 15, 2021

Hello everyone, please find the updates for the past two weeks below:

Product Development

  • Boosted Pools are launched! The Aave Boosted Pool with DAI/USDC/USDT is live on the app
  • The changes to the StakingDistributor has been send to audits.
  • Q1 roadmap planning is currently in progress.

Sidechains & L2s


  • Olympus DAO is voting to launch a Balancer pool
  • A number of other high impact partnerships are in the pipeline


  • Boosted Pools launch were the highest priority this week
  • Working on the Olympus DAO announcement and other partners for the Built on Balancer campaign.
  • Working on Q1 & Q2 events


  • Protocol fee vote passed - activated on polygon & arbitrum. Mainnet activation is pending the LBPs in flight.
  • New Batch Relayer for the Boosted Pools was authorized
  • Two proposals for management of the Boosted Pools and delegation of emergency pause power are active.

BLabs Open Positions