BLabs x Community Update // December 2, 2021

Hello Community!
Below are the updates from the past couple of weeks:

Product Development

  • New Pool Creation UI was launched for the first time on Balancer v2. Users can create customized Weighted Pools on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum!
  • Ongoing Product Development Projects:
    Boosted Pools, Managed Pools (Fei v2), Pool Creation UI for Weighted Pools (wrapping up), StakingDistributor Contract :muscle:

Sidechains & L2s


  • There are currently 5 top priority partnership opportunities in the funnel that are in more advanced stages


  • Community call last week was centered around the current Marketing priorities and roadmap
  • Video for Pool Creation is in the works
  • The team is also planning for ETH Denver
  • Balancer DAO Twitter account is live!


  • The Ballers are leading research and discussion around the evolution of the DAO and its sub-DAOs/Guilds

BLabs Open Positions