BLabs x Community Update // November 18, 2021

Hi Everyone!
Below are the updates from BLabs and the Community from the past two weeks:

Product Development

  • Boosted Pools (formerly Linear Pools): frontend work and internal testing in progress
  • Ongoing Product Development Projects:
    Managed Pools (Fei v2), Pool Creation UI for Weighted Pools (wrapping up), StakingDistributor Contract :muscle:

Sidechains & L2s


  • TUSD/DAI/USDC/USDT pool has been launched in collaboration with TrueUSD and has gained $26mm of TVL so far.
  • NEXO/WETH pool was just launched :handshake:


  • SEO work in progress :desktop_computer:
  • Working with the Aave team on a collaboration :handshake:
  • Videos in the work: 1) BGP and MEV protection 2) Boosted Pools :tv:
  • Blog Post on Merit Circle LBP :newspaper:
  • TUSD AMA coming up :studio_microphone:


  • Upcoming AMAs: Symphony, Tempus :studio_microphone:
  • Beets Proposal
  • Fei & Tribe swap executed :tada: :handshake:

BLabs Open Positions


what are the yields for nexo/eth