BLabs x Community Update // March, 2022

Hello everyone, here are some community updates below:

Product Development

  • veBAL is top priority across all teams
    • Deployment in progress
    • Frontend testing in progress
  • Managed Pool Factory is coming along nicely. The team is also experimenting in making LBPs less capital intensive.
  • SDK<>Aggregators
    • Paraswap: modifying the linear pool maths. Waiting on Paraswap for longer paths support
    • 0x: we presented a proof of concept for adding longer paths and linear pools to the 0x team and it was received well by them. Working on exposing some SOR/SDK functionality to their code base
  • Integrations
    • Boosted Pools with FeiRari and USD+ are in the works.
  • Roadmap planning for Q2 is in progress.


  1. veBAL support to DAO partnerships team
  2. Managed pools intel gathering started


  1. veBAL support
  2. Continued event planning for PBWS and ETHAmsterdam


  1. Partnerships & Marketing pushing veBAL
  2. Treasury begins investing of protocol fees
  3. Quarterly retrospective & Q2 budget request on deck


Our current priority hires:
1. Director of Engineering
2. Senior Vue (TypeScript) Engineer
3. Ops Partner for BLabs

    Send any referrals!