BLabs x Community Update // October 13, 2021

Hi Everyone, my name is Kia, I’m a recently joined product manager at Balancer Labs. Below are the updates for this week.

Product Development

Gnosis Launch

  • Gearing towards launch and announcement later this month
  • Discussing the mechanism for winding down BAL for gas
  • Front-end testing is needed, otherwise all elements are in place.

MetaStable Pools

  • TUSD Pool on Polygon is in logistics discussions and will be followed by a pool on Arbitrum.

Linear Pools

  • ToB first draft audits show no major issues
  • The team has been discussing rolling-out Stabal3 and WETH/Stabal3 pools alongside a relayer for larger swaps all at once.

Managed Pools

  • We are in the design and requirement gathering phase based on Fei and WSB’s needs for a new version.

Distribution Contracts

  • Merkle Orchard
    • we will start using the Orchard next week in production
  • StakingDistributor
    • Audits went well
    • We are considering some new features

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

  • MetaFactory who already have a v1 pool will be migrating to a v2 pool and during the transition their DAO will use LBPs for a buyback mechanism.


  • Developing documentation for aggregators especially around Linear Pools

Pool Creation UI

  • Implementation has been kickstarted and is progressing well

GitHub Project Board

  • The UI team has implemented a board for Ballers and the community to submit GitHub issues.

Sidechains & L2


Biz Dev

  • The team is expanding!
  • Preliminary discussions being held around permissioned pooled targeted at institutional investors.


  • A video for Gnosis<>Balancer partnership is in progress. The team is also going to work on a video for the Linear Pools
  • Press Release and blog post for the Gnosis<>Balancer partnership announcement are in the works
  • We are hiring a Product Marketing Manager – posting here