Orb Collective March 2023 Integrations Update

Here’s an update on everything we worked on last month, grouped according to our Balancer Ecosystem Goals.

Make Balancer easier to use

  • Managed Pools
    • Continued work on the MPC Examples repository to demonstrate the power/dangers of Managed Pool Controllers. Built the following basic controller archetypes (some still in development or pending internal review):
      • “Weight Changer”
        • Transforms a two-token pool across different weight schemes.
        • Three preset configurations available: 50/50, 80/20, 99/1.
        • Gradually updates weights over a period of 7 days.
      • “Periodic Rebalancer”
        • Fixed-weight basket, e.g., 33/33/33 WETH/WBTC/USDC.
        • Nominally “paused” (swaps disabled).
        • Can be rebalanced to its fixed weights once per month by public keepers.
      • “Pauser”
        • Allows enabling or disabling swaps to transform between a static basket and a liquid pool.
        • Provides both safe and unsafe versions to illustrate best practices.
      • “Configurable Rights Pool”
        • A recreation of the old Balancer V1 “smart pool” paradigm.
        • Flexible enough for any use case but potentially dangerous.
        • Granular permission selection at construction time.
    • Began integrating Managed Pools and Controllers with scaffold-eth to provide point-and-click testing capability.
    • Continued to address technical debt in the (still private) Managed Pool Controllers code base: 6 issues resolved, 7 pending review.
  • Wrote proposal to authorize protocol ID registration.
  • Wrote developer documentation to disambiguate various pool factory versions.
  • Continued to maintain balpy, including updates for newly deployed pool factories.

Increase Balancer’s marketshare

  • Designed a theoretical framework for pricing yield-bearing BPTs on lending markets. Soon we will:
    • Apply this framework to at least two partner integrations in production.
    • Write documentation to facilitate even more integrations.
  • Prepared Aave v3 token wrapper deployments to enable creation of a new bb-a-USD pool.
  • Supported Cron Finance with their upcoming TWAMM launch.
  • Upgraded our Linear Pool Factories to support the CREATE2 opcode according to the monorepo’s new convention.
  • Reviewed 2 new RateProvider contracts to enable broader usage of Balancer StablePools.

thank you very much for the updates

these initiatives lack metrics. quantitative or qualitative. how are BAL holders expected to support the initiative at an ongoing pace if the value of the initiative is not being articulated to them?

on managed pools, when is the project ending? what even is the end goal? how is it going? who will use this? i’ve been reading updates about it on the forum for a long time but i’m unable to articulate when and why.

on increase balancer’s marketshare: did any of these increase the market share? if they are future investments, what is the expectation on them?
i’m 100% confident that there is a great deal of qualitative reasoning, quantitive analysis, objective measurement and careful strategy behind all of these but, wanted to see if you could empathize with a BAL holder reading Write documentation to facilitate even more integrations. and wonder ‘is this integration for the sake of integration?’