Orb Collective April 2023 Integrations Update

Here’s an update on everything we worked on last month, grouped according to our Balancer Ecosystem Goals. Note that this update does not encompass an entire month’s work because the team spent one week at the ONsite in Barcelona, and many team members took some time off afterward to decompress.

Make Balancer easier to use

  • Provided clarity to the Sentiment protocol team and broader security community as to the source of the Sentiment exploit (read-only reentrancy).
  • Mocked up plans for generalized Managed Pool documentation to assist partners like Aera and Kassandra who are building their own custom controllers. This is a major hole in the Balancer documentation right now, as we have a Managed Pool Factory live in production without any guidance on how to use it!

Increase Balancer’s marketshare

  • Deployments: These help increase Balancer’s marketshare by creating a liquidity sink for popular money market tokens such as ETH, stable coins, and LSDs.
  • BPT as Collateral: We see strong interest from multiple lending protocols to add BPT as collateral. This increases the value proposition of owning BPT and improves Balancer’s visibility across DeFi as a premiere liquidity protocol.
    • Advised Midas on their implementation, now finalized.
    • Supporting Aave, Sturdy, and Interest Protocol with their implementations.
    • Built documentation on our BPT pricing philosophy to share more broadly, in review now, public soon.
  • Supporting Cron with their TWAMM launch. Cron anticipates near-term volume growth, including a large swap of ~$800k. (TWAMMs primarily exist to facilitate occasional large swaps rather than frequent small swaps.)
    • Advised on and reviewed UX relayer implementation, approved by governance.
    • Assisting in the development of a flash-swap arbitrageur to maintain price alignment between the TWAMM pool and other Balancer pools.
  • Supporting Aave in their acquisition of 80/20 BAL/WETH BPT.
    • Reviewed Weighted Pool BPT pricing implementation.
    • Suggested additional checks to account for slippage.
  • Brainstorming Boosted Pool integration with B.Protocol to broaden the product offering for Balancer LPs.