Orb Collective February 2023 Integrations Update

The Orb Integrations Team is particularly excited to have completed a major Boosted Pools launch in February. Here’s an update on everything we worked on last month.

Integrations Team Updates (grouped by ecosystem goals)

Unrelated to any particular ecosystem goal, we have continued to refine our processes and onboard new team members in the wake of last year’s rapid growth (from 2 to 5 engineers). I’m proud of the work we’ve done to improve our internal prioritization, sprint planning, and development/review cycles. Our newest team member has now been with us for just over 3 months and we can consider the onboarding phase completed.

Make Balancer easier to use

  • Managed Pools
    • Began work on the MPC Examples repository to demonstrate the power and elegance (or danger and complexity) of Managed Pool Controllers.
    • Continued to address technical debt in the (still private) Managed Pool Controllers code base: 6 issues resolved, 3 pending review.
    • Developed a Managed Pool Questionnaire to gather requirements for Mento’s treasury management use case.
  • Continued working with various partners to patch non-production code with fixes related to the read-only reentrancy vulnerability.
  • Continued to maintain balpy, including updates for newly deployed pool factories.

Increase Balancer’s marketshare