Research Article on Balancer Managed Pool Controllers

Hey I wrote a research article about Balancer’s Managed Pools and current development of its controllers. I touch on the work that @immutbl et al are doing at Orb and Valory/Autonolas and shed light on their different controller designs . I also provide a composable use case for using Managed Pool controllers as a controller for liquidity management in bonding curves.

Any feedback or comments/criticism would be appreciated thanks


Hey @0xEvan, I’m Megan, head of content and marketing for Orb. Thanks for writing this article and highlighting the flexibility of the MPs structure. It provided solid insight into the possibilities of a new framework for managing liquidity across multiple sources and liquidity within bonding curves. I’d love to give you some deeper feedback and see if there’s a way to collab on this further, maybe put it out on the Balancer Medium pub.

We love community contributors, and I’m always looking for writers to help with our content. Here is my telegram (@megan06); let’s connect there and talk about next steps.



Hey, Evan, glad to see you getting more involved in the Balancer ecosystem now–hope everything has been well on your end!

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