Kassandra invites you to test an interface for Balancer Managed Pools

Hello, Balancer community! I’m Baruel, project lead on Kassandra - if you’re up-to-date on Balancer grants, you might recognize us: we’re building an interface for managed pools and launching an index on Polygon using Balancer V2 tech!

Here’s the Balancer Grants post if you’re curious: Kassandra Finance: Managed Pool UI and Index on Polygon | by Balancer Grants | Medium

With Kassandra you will be able to create your own decentralized index, and easily manage it - you can add, remove or reallocate the tokens inside of it. And you can invest in others indexes too!

As we’re getting close to our launch, we’d love to engage with the Balancer community to get some meaningful feedback on our dApp.

We’d like to invite everyone to answer a few questions on the form below, to help us in building the best experience for working with Balancer Managed Pools.

Especially if you’re interested in creating a Balancer Managed Pool for yourself, we would love to hear from you!


Good post Baruel - encouraging everyone here to try it out and help develop the feature for both Balancer and Kassandra!

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