Orb Collective February 2023 Design Update

Below is a list of items I worked on during February, categorized by goal. Team size = 1 person.

Goal: Make Balancer easier to use

  • New docs site

    • A new docs site, built on Vuepress, was launched before the generalized boosted pools marketing launch.

    • Design and code improvements included:

      • Adjusting the UI to move closer towards the web app branding
      • Improved homepage layout
      • Dark mode improvements
      • Sidebar navigation improvements
      • Rebuilding the navigation to be more consistent with the web app.
      • Fixing mobile layouts and overflow-x issues
    • Also designed and added new set of diagrams for boosted pools.

  • Marketing site improvements & planning

    • Proposed a new Information Architecture (sitemap) for the website.
    • High-level content reference diagrams of the new website (mini wireframes) to specify what types of content will go on each of the proposed pages.
    • Collaboration with the Beets content team around creating better content for developers.
    • Updated LBP content highlighting Fjord.
  • Web app updates

    • Migrations

      • Designed a systematic approach for handling different migration types (e.g. migration to a recommended pool, migration to a set of general pools, a single transaction, multiple operation zap migration flow)
    • Balancer risks (not live)

      • Designed a new system to make it easier for users of Balancer to understand the risks of using the web app
        • This includes a new risks page which outlines the different forms of risk when using the Balancer app.
        • A new section within pool pages which outlines specific risks of the pool as well as category risks (e.g. risks for boosted pools)
      • Also drafted content for this risks page.
    • Design improvements to the Pool Composition table for deep nested pools (not live)

      • One option with improved typographic hierarchy and background colors to contrast the different levels within a deep pool.
      • One option with accordions to help users compare the different levels easier.
    • Designed a filter on the homepage pools table to make it easier to find specific pools (not live)

      • e.g. filter by type (e.g. by Boosted pool / LBPs / new pools), and by TVL.
      • This is currently in the dev backlog (not live)
    • Boosted pool icons for partners (Euler, Idle, Beefy, Agave etc).

Goal: Increase Balancer’s market share

  • SEO metadata initiative for the web app (not live)