Orb Collective April 2023 Design Update

Below is a list of items categorized by goal, that I worked on during April (minus one week at the Balancer ecosystem Barcelona ONsite). Team size = 1.

Goal: Drive increased veBAL participation

Cross-chain boosts

  • UX/UI design for the new cross-chain boosts product that aims to boost liquidity on L2 networks and increase veBAL utility by enabling people to sync it across networks and get staking boosts.
  • Main design components:
    • Ability to sync veBAL to individual or multiple networks
    • Accounting for timing mismatches (syncing may take 5 minutes on Arbitrum but up to 30 minutes on Polygon)
    • Notifying users to ‘restake’. People will need to unstake from their current L2 gauges which will become deprecated and stake into the new boost-aware L2 pool gauges.
    • Informing users of the need to checkpoint to apply any changes in their veBAL once it has synced. Essentially, even after veBAL syncs to a L2, the new staking boost won’t apply until a user interacts with a gauge (e.g. by claiming BAL, staking/unstaking or checkpointing).
  • Briefing the front-end team on the proposed designs.

veBAL page improvements

  • Displaying a chart of a user’s veBAL to show how it decays over time until the expiry date. Hopefully, this should encourage people to extend their locks to get their maximum possible boost.
  • A new way to manage veBAL with clearer button labels for the main actions.

Goal: Make Balancer easier to use

Balancer risks displayed on Pool pages

  • Following on from deploying the risks page in March, the Pool pages should also display pool specific risks.
  • This has been designed to show any pool specific risks and more general category risks (like pool type risks or L2 network risks).

Marketing site: Balancer protocol live stats

  • Collaboration with Daniel from Beets to display live protocol stats on the marketing website, powered by an API. This will show aggregated protocol stats from Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum and Gnosis Chain.
  • The PR is ready but awaiting approval.

Goal: Increase Balancer’s marketshare

Branding refresh

  • Collaborating with the Beets marketing team to develop a range of branding concepts that can be used on social media as well as throughout the marketing site & web app.

Goal: Strengthen the DAO’s resiliency and sustainability

Acceptance of terms

  • To proactively protect against potential threats from regulatory changes, user’s will be required to acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use and other policies in order to connect their wallet.