Orb Collective May 2023 Design Update

Below is a list of items categorized by goal, that I worked on during May. Team size = 1.

GOAL: Drive increased veBAL participation

Cross-chain boosts

  • Finalized designs for the Layer Zero cross-chain boosts and prioritized the final feature set for the initial launch of cross-chain boosts, removing non-core items like the veBAL graphs and UX upgrades to veBAL management. The cut features may be prioritized after cross-chain boost launch.
  • This also includes handling Layer Zero’s native fee.
  • Collaborated with front-end team during the build
  • See designs here.

Multi-pool-gauge veBAL voting

  • New designs to allow people to vote on multiple veBAL pool gauges. This will provide a better experience for new veBAL holders who want to vote on multiple pools and for existing veBAL voters who want to edit multiple gauges.
  • With this new design, users can select as many gauges as they want.
  • In the edge case of selecting more than 8 pool gauges, transactions will be batched into 8 transactions which is a protocol limit.
  • Prior votes on expired pool gauges must be removed when initiating new votes.
  • Pool gauges cannot be edited within 10 days of voting. So, these timelocked gauges will be disabled to be edited but their total will be accounted for.
  • See designs here.

GOAL: Increase Balancer market share


  • Continued work-in-progress effort to refresh the Balancer brand.
  • This includes new UI exploration around a few different visual directions.
  • This will be my main priority over the next few weeks.

GOAL: Make Balancer easier to use


  • Pool specific risks
    • Designed pool specific risks to display on each pool page
    • Also designed a future more visual version of this (to be implemented upon selection of branding direction).
    • Also designed/ built a new disclaimer in closer proximity to the action of adding liquidity.
  • Risks page
    • Updated the Risk’s page to include risks for Composable Stable Pools, Rate providers and use of Oracles.

Better tables on the docs site

  • Collaborated with Tritium to create a better table UX for the docs site.
  • Made CSS tweaks to tables to make them fit better, and break up longer words to prevent overflow issues
  • Also introduced a wider layout for content that editors can utilize if desired.

Boosted pool badges

  • Designing a number of variations around the Boosted pool badges.
  • Front-end development tweaks to the badge.
  • Some of the considered options below.

zkEVM launch

  • Preparing a promotional banner to display in the UI for its launch

Advanced settings

  • Designs to remove the ‘ Transaction types’ and ‘use signatures’ from the main settings view and progressively disclosure them using an accordion for ‘Advanced settings’.

MEV blocker promo tile