Orb Collective March 2023 Design Update

Below is a list of items I worked on during March, categorized by goal. Team size = 1.

Goal: Make Balancer easier to use

  • Balancer risks page

    • Designed, drafted the text, built and deployed the new risks page.
    • This risks page outlines some of the risks LPs may encounter while providing liquidity on Balancer.
    • Next steps include creating more content around risks for other actors in the Balancer ecosystem.
  • Pool composition table improvements for deep nested pools

    • Based on last month’s designs, I implemented the style changes.
    • This makes it easier for user to better understand the underlying tokens contained within deep nest pools. It does this by improving the typographic hierarchy and background colors to contrast the different levels within a deep pool.
    • See an example deep nested pool here.
    • Next steps are for the front-end team to turn this into an accordion with cumulative values tallied up for the higher levels.
  • Migrations

    • Helped tweak the styles in code of the migrations card before it launched.
  • Network theming

    • Exploring theming options to distinguish between different L2 and sidechain networks.
    • Also figuring out the lightest way this can be achieved natively with Tailwind CSS, without using significant front-end team resources.

Goals: Increase Balancer market share & Drive increased veBAL participation

  • Designing UX/UI for new cross chain boosts

    • Context

      • Currently, there is no way for veBAL holders to get boosted yield on their staked positions on Layer 2 (L2) networks and sidechains (e.g. on Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and Gnosis). The reason for this is that L2 networks simply don’t know if a user holds any veBAL.
      • Using Layer Zero’s tech (which enables messaging between different networks), Balancer can enable boosts across different networks, if a user syncs their veBAL balance.
      • This should increase the utility of veBAL and the TVL on L2 and side chain ecosystems by increasing boosts on those networks.
    • Designs

      • Designs are work in progress until the final Layer Zero implementation is finalized. Proposed updates include:

        • veBAL page:

          • A new section explaining cross-chain boosts and warning users if they have veBAL that isn’t synced across networks.
        • Multi-network sync & All networks sync options

          • Depending on the gas costs per network sync, it may make more sense to allow users to individually sync networks vs sync all networks. Both cases have been designed for.
        • APRs on L2s

          • This affects the Home page, Pool page and Portfolio page.
          • Show APR ranges where veBAL is 0.
          • Show personalized ‘My APR’ where veBAL is above 0.
        • Portfolio page

          • On L2 networks, display veBAL balance. Alert people to sync veBAL if they have staked positions without any veBAL detected on the L2.

Goal: Increase Balancer market share

  • Balancer social campaign branding with Orb team

    • Strategy and tactics on how to best present the Balancer brand on social media moving forward.
    • Included collaboration / learning sessions from other DeFi builders, content creators and illustrators.
    • Working on new design / illustration metaphors and concepts.
  • Updated protocol partners

    • Updated the featured protocols section on the web app home page to increase the visibility of Gyroscope, Xave and Beets within the Balancer ecosystem.
    • Updated the partner protocols on the marketing website.