Orb Collective June 2023 Design Update

Below is a list of items categorized by goal, that I worked on during June. Team size = 1. Vacation days during the month = 5.

GOAL: Drive increased veBAL participation

Cross-chain boosts

  • Worked with the front-end team on launching cross-chain boosts. This included some front-end development to clean up the UI.
  • Refining and redesigning items which can be improved based on user testing and feedback:
    • Better ‘toaster’ notifications when syncing has finalized on the L2.
    • Bringing the ‘checkpoint’ action (trigger update) up to the portfolio page (instead of being hidden within individual pool pages)
    • Enable users to ‘checkpoint’ multiple gauges on L2s as soon as a veBAL increase is detected on an L2.
    • Enable users to migrate multiple old pool gauges to the new veBAL-aware pool gauges, in a single transaction.
    • A better staking module on individual pool pages, which better shows if a user is getting their full possible boost.
    • Improving language around migrating to new pool gauges (versus using the term ‘restaking’).

GOAL: Make Balancer easier to use

Multi-chain filters

  • As we move to an API driven website, we remove the requirement of fetching pool’s from a single network’s subgraph.
  • This gives us the opportunity to display all pools across all networks on the homepage. This will help to increase discoverability of pools across the network and allow multi-chain filtering (e.g. a user could sort by highest APR and see results included from Gnosis Chain and Polygon zkEVM)
  • I’m currently doing design exploration around how this could work.

GOAL: Increase Balancer’s marketshare

Supporting the launch of Polygon zkEVM

  • New promotional banner for the launch of the Polygon zkEVM which appeared on the homepage of all networks (excluding Polygon zkEVM)

  • Front-end development work to display the Boosted pool badges for 0Vix Boosted Pools on Polygon zkEVM
  • Copywriting & Front-end development work to display the pool specific risks for pools that use rate providers via cross-chain bridge
    • For example the 0Vix Boosted pools use a rate provider that is bridged from Ethereum Mainnet via the Layer Zero to Polygon zkEVM. In these pools, LP’s are exposed to risk of significant losses if an incorrect rate is received via the omnichain messaging service.

Branding & UI design

  • Continued work around branding exploration. I didn’t make as much progress this month with the launch of cross-chain boosts taking up attention.
  • Exploration of simple evolutions of the banners on the site to incorporate network stats.

Marketing site

  • Aggregate live protocol stats is deployed are now live.
    • This now automatically shows live aggregate protocol stats across Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbiturm and Gnosis chains.

  • Raft case study
    • Addition of a new case study for Raft and removal of Fjord case studies and references.