[Proposal] Whitelist Index Coop's Investment Account Gnosis Safe for Balancer's VotingEscrow

title: [Proposal] Whitelist Index Coop’s Investment Account Gnosis Safe for Balancer’s VotingEscrow
status: Proposed
author: @Matthew_Graham (Index Coop)
created: 10-05-2022


The proposal aims to add Index Coop DAO’s Investment Account address to the Balancer VotingEscrow whitelist. This will enable the Index Coop Community to vote-lock BAL (B-80BAL-20WETH) and participate in Balancer DAO’s governance, [1].


Index Coop has been in discussions with Balancer DAO about building indices products on Balancer v2 and just recently, created its first liquidity pool on Balancer v2 on the Polygon network, [2,3,4,5]. This delta neutral pool of leverage trading products is the first basket of Index Coop products and symbolisies Index Coop’s strong desire to work with the Balancer community. Index Coop would like to continue investing in the Balancer community relationship by being able to vote-lock BAL (B-80/20 BAL/ETH) and to again, be an active participant within the Balancer DAO governance process.

At the time of writing, Index Coop has approximately $4.4M of capital deposited into the Balancer Boosted Pool on mainnet and to date has earned around 2,500 BAL, [6,7,8]. Index Coop intends to deposit BAL with ETH into the B-80BAL-20WETH pool.


Index Coop intends to build financial products on Balancer v2. To date we have explored creating managed pools that resembled a basket of tokens much like DPI and more recently began exploring how to integrate several products into a single liquidity pool. We had hoped the LAYER1 product would be the first collaboration project and there was strong support within the Index Coop community to build this product on Balancer v2, [9]. It now appears, LAYER1 may not be the initial collaboration product and other opportunities are being explored.

In preparation, Index Coop deployed a portion of the DAOs stablecoins to earn BAL rewards with the intention of locking those BAL rewards and using the veBAL position to support growing future products developed on Balancer v2. With the introduction of ve tokenomics, there is a need for Index Coop to lock the BAL, attain the boosted rewards APY and maximise the veBAL holding potential in order to best support future product launches.

Index Coop has recently created a delta neutral Flexible Leverage Indice pool on Balancer v2 on the Polygon network, [2,3,4,5]. These pools are the first pool where Index Coop is creating a basket of products in one pool. Longer term, the vision is to integrate various strategies like icETH into Balancer Boosted Pools via Index Coop’s exchange issuance. This is expected to offer users varying combinations of yield and risk profile investment options whilst also providing liquidity to the underlying assets.

Prior to the introduction of ve Tokenomics, Index Coop was a keen participant in Balancer DAO’s governance process. Index Coop participated as a DAO on 27 BAL votes, [10]. Although Index Coop’s holding is small, it can still be used to actively participate in Balancer’s governance process.


Whitelist 0x462A63D4405A6462b157341A78Fd1baBfD3F8065 to interact with the veBAL contract, [7].


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no objections from me, good to see Index Coop here.


as this is a vanilla gnosis safe from a trusted partner we can likely move this along to snapshot tomorrow if no concerns are raised.