[Proposal] Whitelist BadgerDAO Gnosis Safe for Balancer's VotingEscrow


Whitelist the BadgerDAO Gnosis Safe multisig, to vote-lock B-80BAL-20WETH owned by the BadgerDAO community into veBAL and participate in governance for the Balancer DAO.


BadgerDAO is a well established DAO which seeks to build the infrastructure for Bitcoin in DeFi. We make it easy to bridge your Bitcoin into other blockchains and start earning yield right away. We are big fans fo the Balancer ecosystem and are looking forward to participating in governance and incentivizing more liquidity to flow through Balancer.


BadgerDAO multisig signers recognise the risk of allowing smart contacts to vote-lock veBAL, and commits to not using this safe for tokenizing veBAL. We understand that doing so will likely prompt the removal of the safe’s address from the AllowList.


Whitelist the BadgerDAO Gnosis Safe multisig, 0xD0A7A8B98957b9CD3cFB9c0425AbE44551158e9e, to interact with the veBAL contract.


Seen the bribe from Badger DAO recently, seems like the DAO is embracing the ve system and therefore this proposal has my thumbs up.


as this is a vanilla gnosis safe from a known and trusted DAO we can likely move this along to snapshot tomorrow if no concerns are raised.


Agreed. The Badger team has been long term Balancer supporters and part of our community!

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