[BIP-2] Allowlist GnosisDAO's treasury in VotingEscrow


This proposal aims to allowlist Gnosisdao’s treasury in Balancer’s VotingEscrow contract to allow for locking veBAL to participate in Balancer’s governance and vote on gauges.


  • GnosisDAO treasury has contributed liquidity to Balancer protocol and it has accumulated (1MM BAL), hodled and market made BAL for a long time.

  • GnosisDAO has a partnership with Balancer:


Allowlist the following Gnosis Safe wallets:
0xf094D5205197435DA9268Dfb0540e1BF3c1C970a, 0x8B5c657B1a31d9deB90a2d6Da6966a2186d1800b, 0x849D52316331967b6fF1198e5E32A0eB168D039d


here I thought you all were waiting to dump that 1MM BAL into Aura :slight_smile:

glad to know you plan to lock at least some veBAL directly

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long standing partnership indeed. let’s do it.

welcome back. In support

Glad to hear that you are going to be locking veBal to participate in governance!