[Proposal] Whitelist DAOhaus LPDAO Gnosis Safe multisig for Balancer's VoteEscrow


Whitelist the DAOhaus LPDAO Gnosis Safe multisig, to vote-lock B-80BAL-20WETH owned by the LPDAO community into veBAL and participate in governance for the Balancer DAO.


LPDAO is a well-established DAO which coordinates HAUS liquidity provision activity on behalf of its members, with the intent of improving HAUS liquidity for the DAOhaus ecosystem. DAOhaus itself is a user-friendly, no-code platform for purpose-driven communities to launch and govern a DAO using Moloch smart contracts. We are aligned with the Balancer ecosystem and look forward to participating in governance and incentivizing more liquidity to flow through Balancer.


DAOhaus multisig signers recognize the risk of allowing smart contacts to vote-lock veBAL, and commits to not using this safe for tokenizing veBAL. We understand that doing so will likely prompt the removal of the safe’s address from the AllowList.


Whitelist the LPDAO Gnosis Safe multisig, 0x648DfEBbaf3638cDa047141dbF4AF3006e880f49, to interact with the veBAL contract.


just in time for the planned Thursday dump of snapshot votes :slight_smile:

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