Pre-CRV mined during the YFI yield farming period in July

I searched the forum and was surprised to see no one had yet posted anything in relation to the pre-CRV that was earned by farmers of the balancer pool in the YFI liquidity mining event in July.

It was widely advertised that people farming in pool 4 (yCRV + YFI) would earn not only YFI and BAL, but CRV also, retrospectively once the token was launched.

It was said that it would require balancer to implement some kind of system to redeem those CRV tokens once the token launched and since it has now been over a month, I was curious to know what happened to the CRV that I earned farming in this pool and when I will be able to redeem them.

I’m sure there are many others who are in a similar position and curious to find out how and when this will be possible.