Proposal: Add Yearn Finance II (YFII) to Balancer Whitelist

We would like to propose adding YFII to the token whitelist.

What is YFII?

YFII is a yield farming aggregator, and provide services for normies to make profit through YFII Vault. To avoid high gas fee when normie users participated in liquidity minings and also automaticlly join the best APY farming strategy

YFII is a legit fork of YFI project with YIP-8 proposal implemented, and supported by YFI’s creator andre cronje.

Andre Cronje (00:34:59):
It was a discussion of that on the forum once about, you know, creating different Yearns for different regional and or demographic segments, which also think is good. It goes like one, one of the reasons why I supported, the why I support the YFII fork is because you know, that they’re there.

YFII Vault:

YFII vault has generated more than 300K USD revenue for the users from it’s release.

Conformity to whitelist rules

YFII conforms to the technical rules outlined in the latest whitelist proposal.

  1. Token returns boolean success on transfer
  2. Token does not charge fees on transfer
  3. Token contract is verified on Etherscan
  4. Coingecko USD price feed available
  5. The token distribution is quite fair the same as YFI, the only way to get YFII is by liquidity mining. There are 3304 token holders in total (the largest address is for yield farming by many holders

Now the YFII/DAI trading-pair generate more than 17M liquidity on Balancer, and 3.3M Volume in 24h. This is one of the top 5 pools on Balancer.

Thanks for your help to whitelist YFII on Balancer.

Kindly visit the Balancer discord and use the #token-requests channel for future Balancer whitelist additions.

This governance forum is for discussion on proposal-candidates and related issues, whereas token whitelisting is currently maintained only on the discord channel.

all right, thanks for the tips

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