No balancer rewards for 1st September?

I was wondering that generally I always get balancer rewards Tuesday evening in my ether wallet but they are not there yet this week. Does anyone know if this is also the case with someone else too?

Thanks in advance!

Nothing here either. It usually comes at 7 PM EST. This is a new one. Maybe their system is waiting for cheaper gas?

It will be distributed same time tomorrow (wednesday)…

Week 13 BAL mining draft is up at Was a bit delayed due to the major refactor required for BAL staking formula calculations, and because of that we always prefer to give the community 24 hours to review. BAL will instead be distributed Wednesday at the normal time. Also be aware that we will be moving towards a claim contract in the next 1-2 weeks for future BAL distributions
mikemcdonald - Balancer Discord Channel #annoucements

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Thanks so much for your reply! Oh didn’t know about claim contract - does that mean the rewards won’t come automatically to the wallet and we need to do something to claim them? Thanks!

They will come but expect about 2/3 of the rewards you usually get :sob:
The pools with BAL token will be incentivized with 1.5x rewards.
This was put up to community vote but only a very short window of time (24 hours) to vote. It was also under a very misleading title: “Proposal to Introduce Liquidity Staking”

So if you missed it, that’s why.