BAL weekly rewards not distribued

I don’t receive BAL weekly rewards as usual.(A friend of mine also)

I can see in claimable BAL in

Does someone know something?

You now have to go to to claim your BAL, they are not going to be airdropped anymore.

Thanks, I haven’t seen the change

But why has it changed?
Now we have to claim rewards, with batch of transaction and rollup concept, we have indidually to pay to receive each rewards…

Users now have to pay a small network fee to receive their rewards. Previously, Balancer Labs had to pay thousands of dollars per week to send transactions to all users. That money is much better spent on development, so it seems appropriate to split the cost among all users instead of forcing Balancer Labs to bear it for the next 8 years of $BAL distribution.

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The problem is network fees on Eth.
If Balancer Labs push the problem to liquidity providers and doesn’t solve it by Rollup implementation.
And the problem is still present at user level.

Any thoughts on making claims available on a sidechain like xdai?

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Matic is better than xdai

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They all have pros and cons, and it’s a debatable topic. The focus of the question is, has a low fee solution in general been considered.