Question about when and how BAL rewards are changed or modified

Posted on Discord and somebody suggested I ask on the forum.

I’ve been thinking of hopping into one of the WETH/WBTC pools for a while. But, I want to get some idea of when I might expect BAL rewards for that pool to end or be modified. How often are BAL rewards set? And, when might they be changed?

With gas as high as it is these days, it’s somewhat important to consider these things. Thanks in advance to anybody that takes the time to answer.


Originally they were planned to go on for 8.6 years. BAL is live!. The Balancer team has been heads down… | by Fernando Martinelli | Balancer Protocol | Medium So that would be something like December/January of 2029 as an end date.
As far as I know, this is still the going rate. That could change with a vote. I have no idea if or when that vote would happen.

One thing to consider is that v2 is on the horizon, so if you’re concerned about the gas fees it could be wise to wait until the v2 pools launch so you can make the transaction into those. Having said that, I made a transaction recently, and it may not make up the costs, so it’s a gamble.

Rewards are claimable weekly, here’s the long detail, Liquidity Mining - Balancer
Rewards are claimed here, Balancer which also has its own gas cost.