[Proposal] Extend BAL Rewards for AAVE/WETH Stakers

A few months ago, this vote was passed to allow the Liquidity Mining Committee to allocate BAL rewards for the AAVE/WETH v1 pool. The BPT from this pool is staked in the Safety Module that secures the Aave Protocol.


The pool currently contains over $500M of liquidity. Fernando has been in touch with the Aave team and they have committed to migrating the pool to Balancer v2 later this year or January at latest. As a continued show of good faith in this important partnership, we should maintain the current rate of BAL rewards (12,500 BAL per week) until January 20th, 2022. Currently our commitment to this rate of rewards is set to expire on September 20th.


If this proposal is approved, the liquidity mining committee will continue allocating 12,500 BAL per week to the AAVE/WETH v1 pool until January 20th, 2021 or until they complete their migration to v2.

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