Orb Collective March 2023 Marketing Update

The Orb Marketing Team was heads down in March working on the following:

March Launches & Announcements

Balancer Launches on Gnosis Chain
• Created a coordinated comms plan shared with Gnosis Chain and Karpatkey for the Gnosis Chain launch
• Wrote the Gnosis Chain announcement article
• Created a unique gif to support the announcement
• Ran a Twitter launch campaign receiving aggregate 34k impressions

veBAL One-Year Anniversary and Emissions Drop
• Coordinated with Balancer Community Contributors creating a coordinated comms plan for the one-year anniversary of veBAL and the first installment of emissions drop.
• Published the emissions drop and inflation schedule blog. Content for the article was drafted by Balancer Community Contributors
• Worked with the community contributors creating several unique graphics for the emissions drop narrative
• Ran a Twitter launch campaign receiving aggregate 10k impressions

Response to the Euler Finance Exploit
• Coordinated comms with additional Balancer teams in response to the Euler exploit
• Published a thread explaining Balancer’s actions of pausing and putting into recovery mode the bbeUSD (Euler Boosted USD) and all pools containing bbeUSD.

Upcoming Launches

• zkSync: Preparing for Balancer’s zkSync launch with Twitter copy and original graphics
• Aave v3: Preparing for bbaUSD and wstETH/bb-a-weth on Aave v3 launch. Created a coordinated comms plan shared with Aave, working on an announcement article, short video, and Twitter copy

Twitter Threads

Orb marketing has been actively creating more long-form content that has helped to increase Twitter engagement.
• ETH Shanghai upgrade & Liquid Staked Tokens thread - 46k impressions. Published thread written by the Beets team. Worked with an external designer for visuals.

Ongoing Twitter Campaigns

• Weekly Ethereum Staking Updates
• Balancer Gov Recaps
• [Upcoming] Beers With Balancer Podcast

Partner Marketing

• Balancer <> Cron Finance Supporting Cron on their mainnet launch. Drafting a blog post, working on Twitter threads and visuals
• Balancer <> Matter Labs Supported their zkSync Era announcement
• Balancer <> Aura Finance Continued conversations and support with Aura’s Twitter content
• Balancer <> Radiant Capital Supported Radiant’s RDNT/WETH pool and it’s position on Arbitrum
• Balancer <> Tetu Finance Supported Tetu’s Auto-Rebalancing Balancer and Aura Finance vaults on Ethereum
• Balancer <> Lido Finance Supported Lido’s expansion of wstETH on Polygon
• Balancer <> Gyroscope Protocol Supported Gyroscope’s funding announcement for its stablecoin system on Ethereum
• Balancer <> Polygon <> Lido Created original content for wstETH/WETH Pool ft. LDO rewards
• Balancer <> Idle DAO supported Idle’s Boosted 3Pool on Balancer
• AMA with Messari diving into veBAL


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