Orb Collective March 2023 High-Level Updates

Hello community,

While most of Orb’s updates will be covered in each of our teams’ monthly posts, I’ll also occasionally post separately to share any high-level updates that I think are valuable for the community to know about.

Evolution of Orb Marketing

In March, we developed a new vision for how marketing at Orb will evolve and iterate. This is based on valuable feedback from the community (thank you) and our research and analysis into the web3 projects that are doing the best jobs (in our opinion) of building and engaging their communities and establishing a respected, unique, recognizable brand.

In April we’re kicking off a multi-phase project targeted at improving Balancer’s presence on Twitter-- the #1 place that the web3 community interacts with our brand-- in 4 key areas:

  1. Visual aesthetic - develop a core visual brand identity and new styles through which to engage our audience that are connected to the core brand and resonate with the culture of CT.

  2. Graphic output - establish a consistent cadence of releasing quality custom graphics that follow well-defined brand guidelines.

  3. Voice - give Balancer a knowledgeable, web3 native voice that talks to the community on their level, intellectually and culturally.

  4. Content - more thorough, in-depth, and technical threads and articles that shed light on the Balancer protocol’s products, features, opportunities, and milestones.

Anyone interested in hearing more details about this initiative should join our community hall next week on April 13th.


On a tactical level, our marketing vision translates into a few changes on the people front. In March we started an ongoing project to restructure the marketing team to fit the new vision.

The first decision we made was to remove developer relations (dev-rel) from the Orb marketing team’s work. While I do believe it’s important for Balancer to have a dev-rel person/team to support its growth as a developer platform, I felt that Orb was stretching too far beyond its core competencies and priorities in order to fulfill that need.

In my opinion, dev-rel would be best done by an individual/team making project-based proposals to the DAO (for example, to organize/participate in a hackathon) and ensuring that it has technical resources readily available to support in designing bounty projects, mentoring hackers, reviewing code, etc.

With that said, we’ve made the tough decision to release Bianca from the Orb team. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

At the same time, we’re currently in discussions with candidates for specialized part-time roles in Twitter management, content creation, and branding/design. I will inform the community about these roles when they are officially filled. Since stablecoin treasury funds are a top concern for the DAO, we are focusing on contributors who are interested in being compensated at or near 100% in BAL.

Our core marketing team members, @Meghan and @megan will have their hands full onboarding and integrating these new contributors into our workflow. Big thank you to both of these hard-working ladies for being onboard with our new vision and ready for the challenges that come with making major changes in a short amount of time, while they continue to juggle a heavy load of responsibilities across the rest of the work we do on the marketing front (comms, partnership promotions, PR, events, written content, graphic design, and more).