Orb Collective February 2023 Marketing Update

The Orb Marketing Team was heads down in February working on the following:

February Launches & Announcements

Generalized Boosted Pools Launch

  • Created a coordinated comms plan for Balancer Generalized Boosted Pools Launch.
  • Wrote the Boosted Pools announcement article
  • Created a unique graphic highlighting the DeFi legos narrative
  • Ran a Twitter launch campaign receiving aggregate 25k impressions

Balancer Great Migration

  • Worked with the internal team to create Balancer Great Migration FAQ/ announcement around the mitigation of Balancer disabling protocol fees for many liquidity pools.
  • Worked with external design to create a unique graphic
  • Ran a Twitter announcement campaign with aggregate 40k impressions

DeFi Fist Bump Campaign

  • Ran a Twitter campaign with 20+ major protocols changing the narrative of DeFi amidst the CeFi crashes
  • Balancer took the lead on writing the press release
  • Balancer took the lead in pitching the campaign to web3 media
  • Results:
    • Tweets about campaign received aggregate 120k impressions on Balancer’s twitter
    • 15 pieces of media coverage from publications like The Defiant and Yahoo
    • 2.5M estimated views of coverage
    • Full coverage book HERE

Twitter Metrics - Feb. Summary

Twitter Threads

Orb marketing has been actively creating more long form content that has helped to increase Twitter engagement.

Ongoing Twitter Campaigns

  • Weekly Ethereum Staking Updates
  • Balancer Gov Recaps
  • [Upcoming] Beers With Balancer Podcast

Partner Marketing

  • Boosted Pools partner marketing - Worked with Euler, Gearbox, Frax, and a number of grantees on coordination around the launch of generalized Boosted Pools
  • Balancer <> Enzyme - Supported Enzyme’s integration of Balancer Pools onto their platform.
  • Balancer <> Gnosis - Brainstorming and starting work on an article for the Gnosis launch. Created a unique GIF to go with the announcement.
  • Balancer <> Aura - Continued conversations and support with Aura’s Twitter content
  • Balancer <> LongSwap - Supported their TWAMMs announcement
  • Balancer <> Coinbase - Met with the Coinbase team to discuss Base launch support. Created original tweet content to coincide with the launch
  • Balancer <> Aave - Supported Aave’s GHO announcement with original tweet copy and an in-depth Twitter Thread
  • Balancer <> Pendle - Continued support around Pendle’s integration of Balancer tech
  • AMA with Polygon, Aave, and GiddyDeFi - Discussed Balancer Boosted Pools

Developer Relations Feedback Sessions and Support

  • Dynamo feedback user interview and associated report
  • Support session with VendingMachine for their future LSD launch on Balancer
  • EigenPhi meeting about the integration of their analytics platform with Balancer

Other Dev Rel

  • Crafting a hackathon strategy for Q2
  • Contributions to the new website for documentation


  • “Balancer LBPs and the Akita Inu Saga” case study; After the case study was published, the Akita Inu team got in touch to migrate their liquidity from Uniswap to Balancer
  • Logic Error Bug Fix Review
  • “Introducing Balancer’s 80/20 BPT launchpad” article ready to publish
  • “Understanding Balancer: The Flexible Building Block for Programmable Liquidity” published on Dev.to (community of 997,454 devs)


Boots on the ground at ETHDenver

ETHDenver Buidl Week: Feb 25 -March 1

  • Bianca attended the CampBUIDL at the CSU and the BuildStation at the SPORK Castle networking with builders, projects, and partners.
  • Bianca met with different teams presenting at ETHDenver building, planning to start building on Balancer, or interested in Balancer (examples include: Autonolas, Alchemix, ProtoCap, Raleon, Autonomynetwork, and Hysland Finance).

  • Bianca participated in Encode Club’s Dev Rel event with 50 other dev rels, establishing connections for future partnerships and collaborations, and discussed future hackathon strategy with Encode Club.

EduDAO - March 2

  • Bianca met with students from top universities such as Berkeley, Oxford, Harvard, and MIT. Discussed building on Balancer and future Balancer presentations for university blockchain societies; brainstormed on their projects for the hackathon

Balancer Bus Event - March 3

  • In place of an expensive sponsorship or costly event (a sponsorship/booth runs around $40k for ETHDenver), Balancer rented a bus and shuttled ETHDenver attendees from the conference center to two highly trafficked hotels.
  • Event Cost Breakdown:
    • Swag: $4200
    • Bus Rental: $3,168
    • Bus magnets, decorations, misc: $998
    • Total cost: $8366
  • Campaign Overview:
    • Worked with a designer to create a 5-day campaign before ETHDenver, increasing awareness around the Balancer Bus. The Campaign received an avg of 6k impressions per tweet.
    • Ran a Galxe campaign on the day of the Balancer Bus which received 20k impressions.
    • Shuttled ~400 conference attendees to and from the National Western complex. Handed out over 600 pieces of swag, each shirt has a trackable link and through UTMs and we will be able to see how many conference attendees went to our website.

Take Back Your Ownership - March 4

  • Co-hosted a networking happy hour with Superfuid, Gnosis Chain, Push Protocol, and Safe.
  • Head of Dev Rel, Bianca, gave a successful presentation on Decentralized Governance
  • Over 1500 people signed up for the event, around 250 attended overall (the space could only hold 250 people).

Four On-stage Presentations at ETHDenver 2023

  • “Security in web3: a series of unfortunate events,” on the DeFi Stage
  • “The State of DevRel in Web3” - A panel with dev rels from Aave, Polygon, and Alchemy