Beethoven X - July Marketing Update

Hey everyone, here is an update on the efforts we have made to further Balancer’s marketing for the month of July.

Over the past month, our north star has been focused on showcasing Balancer as a highly relevant protocol in DeFi and highlighting its expanding ecosystem.

As outlined in our recent funding proposal the critical focus areas are as follows:

  1. Social Media
  2. Core Growth Pillars
  3. Brand Development
  4. Long-Term Initiatives

1. Social Media

Goal: We aim to maintain relevance and drive value to Balancer’s target audience by educating users on core growth pillars, building key relationships in the ecosystem, refining our visual aesthetic, creating engaging content, and launching campaigns for emerging chain deployments.


  • Consistent threads focused around the core growth pillars identified with BD to help ensure Balancer’s content is both relevant and informative to its target audience.
  • Building rapport with key partners in the space to increase network effect and help amplify Balancer’s reach/visibility.
  • Refining Balancer’s visual style and tone of voice to create a more cohesive and professional brand identity.
  • The inclusion of visual forms of educational content to help make Balancer’s content more engaging and accessible.
  • Social Media Launch campaigns for new Balancer chain deployments.
  • Community initiatives and a focus on increasing engagement to build a strong/engaged community around Balancer.


A list of Twitter threads released in July:

A list of articles released in July:

For a list of all Balancer content please see the following content Library.

Community Contributors

The contribution from the community contributors has continued to drive value for the Balancer ecosystem with weekly Balancer reports, gauge updates, and the staked ETH animations.

A list of all community contributions for July can be found here.


  • Twitter followers: The number of followers on Balancer’s Twitter account.
  • Tweet impressions: The number of times Balancer’s tweets are seen.
  • Engagement rate: The number of times Balancer’s tweets are liked, retweeted, or replied to.
  • Profile clicks: The number of times the profile is clicked per day.

Twitter analytics for the month of July (01-31st).

The overall number of followers in July dropped by 610 with a cumulative total of 148,170. The number of tweet impressions increased by 2.3% with a total of 429,707 throughout the month. Tweet Engagement also saw an increase of 8.5% with a total of 5,409. The total number of profile clicks was down by 15.1% with a total of 1,165 for July.

When compared to June, the number of followers fell from 148.8K to 148.2K, the overall number of tweet impressions increased from 419.9K to 429.7K, the number of total engagements also increased from 4,986 to 5,409 and the number of profile clicks decreased from 1.37K to 1.17K.

2. Core Growth Pillars

The following narratives have been outlined as highly relevant to Balancer’s success:

  • LSTs
  • ve8020
  • Boosted Pools
  • Building on Balancer

Our marketing efforts have centered on emphasizing Balancer’s LST technology, the ability of Boosted Pools to facilitate ecosystem expansion, and the numerous advantages of the 8020 model. We have also continued working on content/material to help builders integrate into the Balancer ecosystem.

For July much of our focus was geared toward kickstarting the 8020 Initiative campaign:

Outside of the 8020 push, we have continued to curate educational material on the value of LSTs/Boosted Pools for the ecosystem (see content list above).

3. Brand Development

Working closely with lead designer Pon, we have continued our efforts to explore different avenues to bring the Balancer brand to life:

  • Curate and present to the community 2-3 refined brand aesthetics with UX/UI prototypes.
  • Build out the Balancer developer landing page, integrating new brand aesthetics.
  • Incorporate a new look and feel into Twitter and content-related efforts.

4. Long-Term Initiatives

As we progress into our service provider role we have outlined 2 long-term marketing goals that we would like to pursue.

  • Education (Balancer Media Hub)
  • Community Development (Ambassador Program)

Our goal with the Media Hub was to explore more visual forms of content, that could also be used in an ever-green context. We have piloted an initial animated series to serve as the foundational content to start this exploration; the animated 8020 thread was the first video in this series.

Now that a steady baseline for content has been achieved one of the next focal points is to establish a thriving Balancer community (Baller/Balancer Maxis). Over the past month we have looked into various ways in which we could foster this community as well as begin to look at various platforms we could use to integrate a community ambassador program. With key ecosystem launches now safely behind us (zkEVM, Avalanche, and Base), this will be a major focus moving into the month of August.

Budget Breakdown

In the interest of both clarity and transparency, we have outlined a budget breakdown for the marketing expenditure for the month of July.

During this period our marketing efforts consisted of 2 FT contributors working at 100% as well as 3 PT contributors working at 25-50%.

As our team is small, our contributors work across several disciplines; Jedi and Naly (FT) work on the overall marketing strategy, content curation, and social media management. Vee (PT) works on brand development and visual design. Skly (PT) specializes in smart contract development and assists with technically focused articles. Jeff (PT) works on BD and partnership coordination.

Additionally, outside of the active contributions this month, the Beethoven X DAO has access to several contributors whose expertise range from financial accountants, quantitative analysts, and engineers to DeFi social scientists with PhDs that we will tap into as and when needed, all scoped within the above budget.

Closing Notes

Moving forward we will be switching to a cadence of just 1 marketing update per month.


Excellent report!

Out of curiosity, which was the top tweet of the period?

Another question, is Balancer doing any promoted tweets?



The top-performing Tweet in July was:

We aren’t doing any promoted Tweets currently.