[BIP-394] Fund Beethoven X DAO - Marketing for Aug - Dec

PR with Payload

Service Provider Name: Beethoven X DAO - Marketing

Core Contributor(s): JediRasta, Naly, Jeff, Vee, Skly, Tom, Josey, Ardordo

Pledge to abide by the DAO’s Code of Conduct 1 (or link to your own): Yes

Pledge to abide by the Accountability Guidelines: Yes

Introduction & Domains of Operation:

On April 25th, 2023 the Beethoven X DAO engaged as an official Service Provider for the Balancer ecosystem.

Initially, the primary focus of this commitment was to provide Balancer with support in technical areas with a secondary focus to provide support to Orb Co with content and social media. This engagement was contracted for the period of May 1, 2023 - July 31, 2023; specific details can be found in BIP-254.

Shortly after the ratification of BIP-254, changes were made to key service providers contributing to the Balancer ecosystem; namely the dissolution of Orb Co and its contribution towards marketing-related services.

To help maintain consistent output for Balancer’s marketing, the Beethoven X DAO stepped in to fulfill the role Orb Co provided. Consequently, modifications were made to BIP-254 to account for the additional services/responsibilities relating to marketing services. [BIP-314] outlines the most recent parameters defining the services provided by the Beethoven X DAO.

As part of its implementation, a key change to the service provider arrangement was the distinct separation of services provided by the Beethoven X DAO into 2 independent proposals: technical and marketing services.

As the current funding period for [BIP-314] is coming to an end, this proposal seeks to extend funding for marketing services for the period of August 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023.

Key Objectives & Success Metrics:

Over the past 3 months, the marketing efforts of Beethoven X have been focused on building a foundation to adequately fill the role previously occupied by Orb and subsequently to showcase Balancer as a highly relevant player in DeFi.

To achieve this we have focused our energy on developing the following areas:

  1. Social Media
  2. Core Growth Pillars
  3. Brand Development
  4. Long-Term Initiatives

Below we have outlined the intention for these initiatives with relevant KPIs for their measurement/success.

  1. Social Media

Twitter is a key platform for Balancer to reach its target audience and build brand awareness.

Goal: To build relevancy for the Balancer brand and increase reach on Twitter.


  • Consistent threads focused around the core growth pillars identified with BD to help ensure Balancer’s content is relevant and informative to its target audience.
  • Building rapport with key partners in the space to increase network effect and help amplify Balancer’s reach/visibility.
  • Refining Balancer’s visual style and tone of voice. This will help to create a more cohesive and professional brand identity.
  • The inclusion of visual forms of educational content to help make Balancer’s content more engaging and accessible.
  • Social Media Launch campaigns for new Balancer chain deployments.
  • Community initiatives and a focus on increasing engagement. This will help to build a strong and engaged community around Balancer.

Content Library (May, 1st - present):

Content Library


  • Twitter followers: The number of followers on Balancer’s Twitter account.
  • Tweet impressions: The number of times Balancer’s tweets are seen.
  • Engagement rate: The number of times Balancer’s tweets are liked, retweeted, or replied to.
  • Profile clicks: The number of times the profile is clicked per day.

Twitter analytics starting from May, 1st (SPs contract start date). This is the first set of quarterly data we have collected and will be used to create comparisons for future reports.

  1. Core Growth Pillars

Balancer has identified four core growth pillars that are critical to the future success of its ecosystem. These pillars are:

  • 8020
  • LSTs: Liquid staked tokens (LSTs)
  • Boosted Pools
  • Building on Balancer

Goal: Drive education and awareness around the most important areas defining the Balancer ecosystem.


To promote each of these core growth pillars the following strategies have been implemented:


To measure the success of its core growth pillars, the following KPIs have been tracked:

  • 8020: The number of protocols that adopt the 8020 model.
  • LST dominance: The percentage of LST liquidity that is hosted on Balancer.
  • Building on Balancer: The number of developers who build new products and services on Balancer.


  • 8020: At the start of BIP-324 we set out to increase the number of protocols adopting an 8020 model from 8-15+ by the end of Q3. Currently, we have 15 protocols engaged with the 8020 initiative with a plan to onboard more over the next quarter.

  • LST dominance: Our overarching goal for LSTs is for Balancer to become the dominant hub for YB assets. As a platform Balancer offers a tailor-made tech stack to facilitate the growth of LST liquidity and our expectations are to see LST dominance on Balancer increase over time. While we have continued to drive marketing material to educate users and protocols on the advantages of the Balancer LST tech stack, from the start of Q2 to the start of Q3 we saw the majority of YB assets hosted on Balancer actually decrease with the exception of sfrxETH (Ethereum), stMATIC (Polygon) and rETH (Optimism). While there may be multiple reasonings behind this, it seems likely the recent enabling of recovey mode, and the resulting reduction in core pool incentives has had a considerable effect.

  • Building on Balancer: At the start of our service provider contract we had begun work on a developer-focused landing page. However, during the transition of Orb this project has seen less attention as our focus shifted to building a baseline for operations. With a baseline now in place, the goal for the next 3 months is to have completed a beta version of the Landing Page for the community to test out.
  1. Brand Development

Goal: To help improve the overall design and UX for Balancer.


  • The development and exploration of 2-3 refined brand aesthetics with UX/UI prototypes.
  • Build out the Balancer developer landing page integrating new brand aesthetics.
  • Incorporate a new look and feel into Twitter and content-related efforts.

Sample images of UI prototypes/design concepts.

  1. Long-Term Initiatives

As we progress into our service provider role we have outlined 2 long-term marketing goals that we would like to pursue:

  • Education (Balancer Media Hub)
  • Community Development (Ambassador Program)

The first step in this regard will be to continue to work on developing more animated forms of educational content. We have piloted an initial series to highlight the key pillars driving balancer growth and this will serve as a foundation for more expansive forms of visual content. The first thread in this series will be released later this week.

Secondly, we will be working on a concept for an effective ambassador program. In alignment with the bounty board managed by the Balancer Maxis, the goal would be to create an initiative that encourages community participation and user-generated content through gamification/incentivization.

These initiatives will continue to remain the core focus for our efforts moving into the next phase of our service provider contributions. The past three months have served as a foundation for us to assimilate into the Balancer ecosystem and build familiarity with people and processes.

Over the next 3 months, we would like to build on the foundation we have established and start to explore ways we can develop our marketing strategy to amplify our efforts / expand the awareness of the Balancer ecosystem.

Length of Engagement & Budget:

For the services described above, we are requesting an extension of the current funding outlined in [BIP-314] of $30K USDC for marketing-related services for the period of August 1, 2023, until December 31, 2023.

These funds will be used solely to cover contributor salaries and as such we request that this amount be made available in a liquid form.

If approved, $30,000 USDC or BAL equivalent would be sent to the below ETH address around the first of each month.

ETH Address to Receive Funds: 0x811912c19eEF91b9Dc3cA52fc426590cFB84FC86

Furthermore, in light of the discontinuation of funding for Coordinape, we are also requesting a supplementary budget of up to $5000 USDC per month to fund external marketing services (animations, design, content, etc). This would be held by the Balancer DAO and would only be requested on an as-needed basis. Spending would be capped at a maximum of $5000 USD for a given month and all expenditure will be recorded in a monthly budget breakdown.


Thank you for the proposal @naly @JediRasta26.

As a member of the board of directors, I’ll abstain from voting on any Service Provider, but have to say I’m personally really happy with the work you’ve been putting out there and the direction you’ve given to our Marketing. I’m excited to see how you can further improve community development and work on (MediaHub) education.

Considering the heat our senior engineers and Maxis got on the previous funding round, it’s inevitable to compare 30k “solely to cover contributor salaries”. I like that you have a single budget because honestly, the cost breakdown has caused too much drama lately. However the money “to fund external marketing services” would be better to come from that allocation, unless there’s something really pricey (but worthy and out of the scope of this proposal), that we can consider going through the Grants Committee or asking for additional allocation (i.e. irl events, swags, contest, hackatons and all of that good stuff)

Anyway, the previous marketing team at Orb worked with something like 16k/month to out-sourcing (on top of their salaries and BAL contracts), so either way we are making progress and I’m glad Cooordinape and community engagement opened the doors for these savings. The DAO is alive and well!

I’d like to avoid last-minute questioning by stakeholders that might delay this funding being approved, so please be as proactive as you can providing info or editing the proposal ahead of time.


Also, can we have this proposal be a little more lengthy up to December, so we can follow every SP per quarter?

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Really appreciate the information, Danko. We want to reiterate that the 5k is merely a buffer to ensure we have the funds to pay for animations which would be a core part of the long-term media hub goal and assist all launches. Unfortunately, this would fall outside the current contributor’s budget and skillset hence the additional ask. However, if 5k is too much of a buffer, we are more than happy to cut this in half to 2.5k and only utilize funds on a request-to-request basis. If the DAO does not wish to fund animations, that is also fine; we will just cut animations from the marketing and focus on stills. Regarding your second question, we would be grateful to receive an extension until December if the Balancer DAO believes this would be more efficient.

From what I have seen I would absolutely support an extension to December. Question is how quickly you want your proposal to move to snapshot to properly guarantee payments and if we can reach consensus on that matter until the next snapshot deadline on Thu 8PM CET?

We are more than happy to delay voting to ensure a consensus around an extension to December. We would just ask that if/when the vote passes, funds would be back-dated to August.

Thanks for your proposal! The work done so far is amazing, and the next steps outlined here are solid ones.

+1 in the extension to December.

About the buffer, it makes sense to have some room for expenses, but in a future proposal would be nice to have things planned with an high-lvl information on what this is paying for (for example: 10 animations, 20 animations), and then we can check what was planned x what was executed.

Or maybe specific BIPs, if the value is too high.

One last thing: Do we have a rough timeline for the launch of these long-term initiatives? (September, late October, etc).


Thanks for your message.

All expenditures on external services would be documented transparently with links to relevant content.

As for long-term initiatives, we currently don’t have a set launch date. We have worked on the preliminary stages for both outlined initiatives but development will depend on resources (funding, time, etc.). We want to make sure that when we start these that we are in a place where we can commit to their success over the long run.


As I wrote in [BIP-XXX] Fund Beethoven X DAO - Technical for Aug - Oct I am in strong support of aligning SP funding and therefore I suggest you adjust this proposal to extend funding until December 2023.

Also here, it would be great if we could also get feedback on that matter from other delegates.

Given there has been adequate time for the community to review, we have updated the current proposal to include funding for an extended period running from August 1 - December 31st.