Beethoven X - Marketing Update May

Hey everyone, here is an update on the efforts we have made for the month of May to further Balancer’s marketing.

With a more grounded foothold on the ecosystem as a whole, we have been working towards showcasing Balancer as a highly relevant and flourishing ecosystem. As outlined in our recent funding proposal the key focus areas are as follows:

  1. Social Media
  2. Core Growth Pillars
  3. Brand Development
  4. Long-Term Initiatives

Social Media

To continue to build relevancy for the Balancer Twitter and increase our reach we have worked on the following:

  • Consistency with threads focused around the core growth pillars identified with BD.
  • Technical articles diving deeper into Balancer’s core technical products.
  • Tweets highlighting major developments/partnerships.
  • Building rapport with key partners in the space to increase network effect.
  • Refining Balancer’s visual style and tone of voice.

NB - Relevant content links for May can be found below.

To measure growth across Twitter we have used the following metrics. Our hope is to see these figures trend upward over time. The KPIs used below have been tracked for the past 30 days. Moving forward we will provide a month-on-month comparison to better understand the impact of our efforts.

A list of the threads/articles released in May.



Core Growth Pillars

Balancer has identified the need to re-establish its relevance as a critical factor in the future growth of its ecosystem. The following narratives have been outlined as highly relevant to Balancer’s success:

  • LSTs
  • ve8020
  • Boosted Pools
  • Building on Balancer

We have focused our marketing efforts on highlighting Balancer’s LST technology, the power of Boosted Pools for ecosystem growth, and the benefits of the ve8020 model. We have also continued work on content/material to help builders onboard into the Balancer ecosystem.

Our first port of call was to create a narrative based around Balancer as a core piece of infrastructure to bootstrap liquidity on an ecosystem - The Ecosystem Launch Pad.

This narrative serves as an introduction to the key driving forces behind Balancer’s product offering and sets the scene for future marketing endeavors.

Over the coming months, we will be building out a series of articles and animated threads to thoroughly explore these key initiatives as well as drive awareness/engagement.

The first animated thread in the series will be based on the recent ecosystem launch pad Twitter thread.

As the ve8020 initiative is also a major focal point we have built out a partner pack to further educate, onboard, and align new participants. The goal here is to create a space that encourages protocols to adopt the 8020 governance model as well as streamline a process for effective co-marketing

Polygon zkEVM Launch

With Balancer set to deploy on multiple new networks over the next few months, the upcoming Polygon zkEVM launch has provided an opportunity to establish a coordinated launch campaign. This strategy lays the foundation for streamlining future Balancer chain deployments, educating Balancer users on the benefits of the ecosystem, and effectively showcasing the power of Balancer technology to any new chain.

This strategy implements the following content campaign structure:

  • Teaser Material
  • Balancer Ecosystem LaunchPad
  • Ecosystem Launch Article
  • Animated Launch Threads
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Coordinated comms with KOLs

Brand Development

Working closely with lead designer Pon, we have continued our efforts to explore different avenues to bring the Balancer brand to life:

  • Curate and present to the community 2-3 refined brand aesthetics with UX/UI prototypes.
  • Build out the Balancer developer landing page, integrating new brand aesthetics.
  • Incorporate a new look and feel into Twitter and content-related efforts.

Sample images of UI prototypes/design concepts.

Long-Term Initiatives

As we progress into our service provider role we have outlined 2 long-term marketing goals that we would like to pursue.

  • Education (Balancer Media Hub)
  • Community Development (Ambassador Program)

The first step in this regard will be to continue to work on developing more animated forms of educational content. We have piloted an initial series to highlight the key pillars driving balancer growth and this will serve as a foundation for more expansive forms of visual content.

Secondly, we will be working on a concept for a Balancer podcast series that aims to explore not only Balancer tech but also highlight key innovators/developments in DeFi.

Budget Breakdown

With the approval of BIP-254, two significant changes have been made to the Beethoven X Service Provider contract and will take effect for the month of June.

  1. The services provided by Beethoven X are now separated into two 2 distinct parties; technical services and marketing services.
  2. The budget for Marketing services has increased from $15K to $30K USDC per month.

In the interest of both clarity and transparency, we have outlined a budget breakdown for the marketing expenditure for the month of May.

During this period our marketing efforts consisted of 2 FT contributors working at 100% as well as 3 PT contributors working at 25-50%. As our team is small, our contributors work across several disciplines; Jedi and Naly (FT) work on the overall marketing strategy, content curation, and social media management. Vee (PT) works on brand development and visual design. Skly (PT) specialises in smart contract development and assists with technically focused articles. Jeff (PT) works on BD development and partnership coordination.

Additionally, outside of the active contributions this month, the Beethoven X DAO has access to several contributors whose expertise range from financial accountants, quantitative analysts, and engineers to DeFi social scientists with PhDs that we will tap into as and when needed, all scoped within the above budget.