Beethoven X - Marketing Update

Hey everyone,

A lot has transpired over the past week and we wanted to send out a quick update on some of the things we have been working on. The focus of this post will be marketing related.

  1. We have defined a strategy for content creation that is focused on highlighting current developments in the Balancer ecosystem.
  2. We are attending weekly meetings with @Solarcurve to make sure that content is relevant and closely aligned with BD efforts.
  3. We have created a notion-based system to organize, develop and schedule content coming out on social media channels, as well as share with all relevant contributors.
  4. We have built a base layer of visual assets to support all of the content copy. (see below)
  5. We have begun to develop a distinctive voice/style to authentically represent the Balancer brand.
  6. We are working closely with Balancer’s lead designer @uxui to develop an aesthetic for the Balancer brand/social media presence.
  7. We have connected with the Balancer community contributors to begin to define a working relationship, support their contributions and build a framework for future collaboration.
  8. We have continued to work on the developer landing page.
  9. We have furthered our relationship with Aura to closely align on the Balancer brand direction and over-arching marketing strategy.

We have focused on a simple aesthetic that frames content in a professional, cohesive manner. Color schemes have been chosen to reflect the Balancer brand and “play” well with respective partnerships. A minimalistic set of vectors have also been created for infographics and stats.

Speaking more to the vision for the next couple of months, the plan is to start small and iterate from a solid foundation. We have created many of the baseline components we need for this foundation and will focus on making improvements as we become more familiar with the ecosystem.

Over the next couple of weeks, our focus will be to establish a solid cadence for content on Twitter:

  • 2x Threads per week educating users on current developments/innovation. (see below)
  • 2x Articles a month that will dive deeper into Balancer tech.
  • Single Tweets to highlight relevant partnership collaborations/ecosystem updates - content for these will be based on meetings with Solarcure and the Balancer Maxis.
  • Single tweets pulled from the core content pillars (articles, threads) to highlight key points and accentuate engagement.
  • Consistency with visuals and infographics.
  • Continue to feature the Balancer community contributor posts (weekly recap, governance, etc.) and develop a framework to align efforts and output.

Threads (Apr 28,196 Likes, 35 Retweets, 48,7K Views) (May 3, 2023: 114 Likes, 30 Retweets, 24,5K Views)


Once in place, we then plan to build on this foundation and explore other avenues for content and marketing. This would be achieved by scaling the outlined systems to improve both the quality and quantity of content. Again, “relevancy” is key and our focus will always be to stay current with macro trends/narratives whilst authentically embodying the core Balncer brand.

As web3 continues to expand, our overarching vision is to create a media hub that houses all of the Balancer content in one space.

  • Live Events
  • Podcasts
  • Animations/Videos
  • Education
  • Community initiatives (ambassador programs, competitions)
  • Articles, Blogs
  • Social Media

For now, our commitment is to execute well on the short-term deliverables described above as transitions play out. We are confident in our ability to represent Balancer in the best light and will strive to build a team of contributors that can aptly meet the demands that Balancer presents.


love the graphics on those two threads and I think they both hit pretty well. I’d say we’re off to a very promising start here!


What a pleasure to see the brand that we love so much being treated with that level of care and organization. Also, very happy and thankful to see Beethoven being so open for decentralized initiatives and community contributions. Exciting times ahead!


Happy to see Balancer’s least performing department getting the attention and support it deserves.

I’m the co-founder of a social & on-chain analytics firm and we do sophisticated social network analysis on Twitter for hundreds of crypto projects using graph-theoretic and matrix algebraic methods. It gives us a good sense of how many unique tribes (nodes) each project’s community consists of and how they trend overtime (growth/contraction) on a daily basis. We also do psycholinguistic and psychographic profiling using NLP methods.

I’d like to share some insights comparing Balancer with Curve and Uniswap - this is for April:

Community Excitement:
Curve > Uniswap > Balancer
(Curve community has the highest excitement ratio of 25% of all tweets, Uniswap at 11%, Balancer at 5.1%)

Negative Topics - Marketing
Marketing only constitutes 4% of negative Curve discussions.
This ratio is 28.9% for Uniswap
50% for Balancer

Nodes (Tribes)
Uniswap > Curve > Balancer
Curve has 3x more individual tribes than Balancer.

Influencer Distribution (Excluding Nano Accounts)
Uniswap: 1289
Curve: 400
Balancer: 70

I’m going to add some personal observations as well. The only time I personally felt excited and part of a community was around Aura Finance launch - their discord was buzzing with life, excitement and all sorts of random interactions between early speculators.

Balancer has the most active governance across all DAOs, some really talented maxis who inspire awe and confidence, a novel architecture unlocking some great functionality for money markets, veToken based projects, liquid derivatives, but it is lacking a strong community.

Each project needs to strike a healthy ratio between moonbois to technocrats - so any effort in balancing that skew more towards moonbois would help with virality and amplification. Something Beets did really well on Fantom - therefore I’m particularly bullish on this collaboration.


ehy, nice data!

Could you elaborate a bit on the methodology here, re:

  • software used (if possible to disclose)
  • criteria used to filter data (ie: accounts over X followers/with an avatar/bot filtering and so on)
  • criteria used to evaluate sentiment?

Could you maybe provide numbers for also a few months back, and not only for april, if it’s not too complex?


I like what i’ve seen so far. Thanks for the time and effort put into marketing thus far.

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