Bi-Weekly Marketing Update - Beethoven X

Hey, just a quick update to keep everyone up to speed with everything we have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Our plan moving forward is to have these updates come out on a bi-weekly basis.

With a more formal transition taking place in terms of roles and responsibilities regarding the Orb marketing team, much of our efforts over the past 2 weeks have been put towards establishing ourselves within a new working environment and delivering on the action items set out in our previous post.

Outlined below are the key areas we have been focused on with relevant updates.

Social Media

As Twitter is the main point of visibility for the content coming through Balancer, our priority over the transition has been to make sure we adequately cover relevant topics in the ecosystem, highlight key partnership developments, build a cadence for content and, establish a baseline for visuals/voice. We have worked on the following:

  • We established a baseline cadence for content coming out on Twitter as per the deliverables outlined in our last post.

    • 2-3 threads per week focused on topics relevant to the Balancer ecosystem. (see below)
    • Daily posts to accentuate core content coming out via threads and highlight significant partnerships/pool launches. (see below)
    • 2 articles per month diving deeper into the Balancer tech. (see below)
    • Consistent visual imagery and infographics to accentuate written copy. (see below)
    • Highlighted community content; The Balancer Report, Governance Recap, and ETH Staking update. (see below)
  • We have worked closely with Beth and the Maxis to iron out a cohesive writing style and tone of voice that is compliant with the guidelines set forth by the GRC/legal requirements of the Balancer brand.

  • In collaboration with Vee we have been developing specific iconography to aid the visual expression of key concepts and develop a specific style for infographics.

  • We are looking into the curation of a series of articles titled, Balancer Basics that aims to explore the core concepts at the heart of Balancer. We are also actively searching for competent writers in the ecosystem to potentially help scale content production for more technical topics.

Threads: (May 11, 53 Likes, 15 RTs, 13K Views) (May 17, 87 Likes, 20 RTs, 32.5K Views)

(May 18, 135 Likes, 36 RTs, 21.3K Views)

Tweets: (May 15, 16 Likes, 1 RT, 7.8K Views) (May 15, 57 Likes, 12 RTs, 10.5K Views) (May 18, 23 Likes, 6 RTs, 3.3K Views)


Community Content: (May 13, 42 Likes, 6 RTs, 9.1K Views) (May 16, 11 Likes, 1 RT, 2K Views)



Key Twitter stats for the past 14 days.

Community Contributors

A big part of our proposed strategy is to make sure that the Balancer community voice is shared, and heard, throughout the ecosystem. We believe that if harnessed successfully the Balancer community has the potential to significantly contribute toward brand visibility/awareness as well as continue to be a valuable source of content. In order to develop this further, we have worked on the following:

  • We have set up a recurring weekly meeting with the community contributors to align more closely on an overarching vision for the future of the Balancer brand.

  • We have started to conduct 1-on-1 calls with key community members to build rapport and align on key competencies/skill sets.

  • We have been developing a first draft to share our vision for the Balancer Media Hub with the community contributors in the hope to integrate their services into this initiative.


Throughout the conversations held between @uxui, Vee, and the Beethoven marketing contributors, one of the major areas identified as having potential for improvement has been the overall brand design and UX. Drawing on their collective expertise we have been exploring different avenues for how this could be achieved. Over the past 2 weeks, we have been working on the following:

  • We have continued to develop concepts for the Balancer brand with lead designer Pon. A framework for exploration was set forth via mood boards and these have now been whittled down into 3 or 4 key concepts that will be worked on more closely over the coming weeks. (see below)

  • To bring these concepts to life, basic UI wireframes have been created to explore concepts and experiment with various website flows to facilitate the best environment for users. (see below)

  • As we have been working on the visual aesthetics for Brand/Design we have also been working on the copy elements for the developer Landing Page. As soon as a more developed concept has been chosen for aesthetic and website style, we will begin to build out the Landing Page.

BD and Partnerships

Re-establishing “relevancy” has been a key area identified for improvement. As the BD department at Balancer is driving protocol growth it has been really important for us to create a strong connection with their efforts. In order to link this back to marketing, the following steps are being taken:

  • We have established a rhythm for weekly alignments with @solarcurve to make sure our content plan is up to date with the latest ecosystem developments and partnerships.

  • We have been added to all relevant partnership chats and are actively engaging with partners to build rapport and coordinate launches/announcements.

  • We are attending a weekly meeting with the Maxis and relevant community contributors to ensure alignment across our efforts.


We are highly motivated to showcase Balancer as a highly relevant and flourishing ecosystem. Leveraging our current expertise and familiarity with the ecosystem/tech alongside the key contributors from the Balancer DAO we are confident we can continue to drive value over the coming months and set ourselves up to succeed in the future.


I’m very impressed with the work so far - can’t wait to see some of these new images rolled out too.

just to add a little more color for the community on what I see as top priorities for BD/Marketing, everything will pretty much support one of these three growth pillars:

  • Boosted pools (mainly aave v3)

  • ve8020

  • LST’s

Boosted pools and LST’s are how we survive, as the yield fee is a huge advantage. we’d be earning probably 100k-200k in fees every 2 weeks without it. but it has limited potential as a growth strategy - that’s why I told Jedi & Naly I view ve8020 as the most important thing to focus on. Radiant’s success on Arbitrum opened my eyes quite a bit on how powerful this mechanism really is. I believe when people think Balancer their second thought should be ve8020. Every project thinking about tokenomics should be thinking about ve8020. The best thing we can do is get this idea in front of people on a regular basis and continue hitting it home until all of defi knows the benefits by heart.

Aave’s coming migration of stkABPT to Balancer v2 is a prime opportunity to do a big showcase on how successful their 80/20 implementation has been. 7.3B lifetime volume, 7.3M lifetime additional revenue to stakers. with a higher fee that’s easily 8 figures of additional income to stakers over stkAAVE over last 1.5 years. Plenty of meat here :slight_smile:


Completely agree here.

The weekly @solarcurve meetings have been a powerful means to ensure Marketing is as closely aligned with BD and ecosystem developments as possible. DeFi is a decentralized network, and we often use a metaphor that marketing is the interconnected mycelial network that must fluently connect and showcases everything going on under the surface.

The marketing focus moving forward will be centered around these three core product offerings. Building off the mycelial metaphor, these 3 core tenants are the flowering mushrooms, with the content being the spores to attract new builders and ecosystem participants. The Radiant case study was an example of how we can highlight our partners while showcasing the many benefits that set Balancer technology apart from the crowd and effectively entice new partners.

Case studies are a powerful medium to market the tech while staying relevant, and we are currently working on a case study of stkABPT that intertwines the ve8020 and LST narrative. Case studies unlock the ability to showcase the network that is blossoming.

The Balancer ecosystem is flourishing, and we are extremely excited to shed light on this. Alongside building a solid content cadence, we have a lot of ideas regarding strategies to do so; ve8020 initiatives, notion partner packs, live events, and podcasts, the list goes on. It’s an honor to be here amongst people as passionate about Balancer as we are. Let’s get Balancer to the lofty heights it should be.


Great work all around, brother–we’re loving the new feel and direction.