LP Returns Dashboards

LP Dashboard

Think share portfolio tracking for LPs - ability to view how your portfolio is currently performing


Currently all tools that are available are extremely generic tools and track the value of the BPT over time. Whilst this is important and useful it doesn’t track how an individual actually performs. This is similar to one having bought TSLA shares but only being able to see how TSLA shares are currently performing - you have no idea how your TLSA shares are going.

Tools like Zerion, Zapper etc all display it this way. The closest we have is Zerion however there is no actual breakdown (say I have BAL-WETH and ETH-DAI, it just grosses it up).


There are a couple of key baseline components that will need to be delivered:

  1. Ability to view portfolio performance historically
  2. Ability to view individual stock performance historically
  3. Ability to view returns historically (this is different to 1 given you may have additional deposits and withdrawals and so you may want to slice data to understand actual returns)


  1. Wireframes for discussion
  2. Historical BPT price displays for all pools
  3. Connection with wallet + historical data
  4. Rollup portfolio performance

Notes: some of this work already has done with something like a pools.vision so if there is interest in this project would reach out to solarcurve to see if there would be interest in collaborating. Most of the work he’s done is live rather than historical


Would be asking for a 20K BAL in 5K tranches and vested. I would be more than happy to extend functionality as well given this is a tool that I personally would use (and informally talking to others it’s a much needed tool as well)



  • Role: product
  • Background: currently head of product for Lumi Finance. Founded and grew startups previously, at double digit month on month growth


  • Role: Dev + Design
  • Background: Front end lead at Lumi Finance

Potentially would be looking at bringing in another 1-2 engineers to help with speed of delivery

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I think the OP has gone nuts here.

Why can’t this be done with tools such as https://pools.fyi/#/? That’s what I have been using at least and it works okay.

Yep pools.fyi is good for an estimation. It’s like going on Google and searching for the share price of TSLA and remembering when you bought your 100 shares of TSLA on what date. If they decide to extend it then that’s great but the idea here would be to combine both the BAL rewards (which they don’t do) as well as display the “share price” of the BPT token to show actual returns

This is the reason right here :joy:

“Would be asking for a 20K BAL in 5K tranches”