More visibility into Balancer Smart Pools?

Hi All, we’re developing an active monitoring & event subscription toolset (like, but for Balancer pool data!

Are you a Pool Curators, LPs, Traders, or interested community member?

Do you want more visibility into smart pool parameter changes, fund movements, potential contract exploit events, trading volume, impermanent loss, etc?

Do you also want to be able to subscribe to such events so you can get alerted on time?

Then you can help us build the best tool for you by answering a few simple questions: Balancer Smart Pool Monitoring Survey

Thanks and happy to answer any questions! :+1:


The guys responsible for community have gone into deep slumber. Dont waster your time on this dead forum.

Are you the developer of ethstats or just inspired by that project? I’m also curious about the focus on smart pools as opposed to all pools; you’d have a lot more data if you included every pool.

Not the developer of ethstats, using it as an example of what active monitoring could be for Balancer pools.

You’re right @rabmarut, we can monitor other types of pools, not just smart pools.

We’re trying to confirm two things, how critical monitoring is to the Balancer community, and what metrics are critical to monitor + alert: movement of funds, potential exploits, funds being stolen, smart pool parameter changes, etc