Liquidity Vision Balancer Grant Proposal

Hey guys,

  • Some of you may already know us from the Balancer discord. We’re and we have a fully integrared way for you to track your Balancer liquidity pool performance from our simple dashboard.

  • On the suggestion of Fabien and others in chat we want to apply for the ecosystem grant and see what you guys feel comfortable supporting us with!

  • This grant money will be used to help pay for (very expensive) server costs, as this site has become very popular and some of you guys are refreshing the page several times a minute! We will also use the grant money to support our time in making sure everything works properly, we are available for support, and everything is updated in a timely manner!

  • The problem that solves is that once you enter a liquidity pool you have no simple way of tracking that pools performance. ie. What is my IL/IG? What fees did I earn? Should I have HODL’d instead? Our dashboard answers all of this.

In Discord we are known as @tomacf and @dr.eggplant

  • Tom
    Role: developer, super duper tech guy

  • Dr. Eggplant
    Role: suit, delicious produce.

We recently completed our Gitcoin grants and have added support for Uniswap, Sushi, and Balancer alongside many other features

Over the next few months we plan to integrate:

  • Other AMMs
  • Historical LP Data
  • The ability to view only swap fees
  • Accurate Impermanent Loss Calculator
  • Farming Rewards Data
  • The ability to track all tokens you have outbound ( for power farmers )

We hope you guys select us for a grant. We are active within the community and want to continue to bring value to the Balancer ecosystem!



Probably not necessary but will vouch these guys are legit and worth giving a grant to. I’ll leave the amount in the capable hands of the team. :slight_smile:

I’d love to know a couple of things if you don’t mind sharing:

  • MAUs
  • % of users that use Balancer vs other AMM
  • Retention rate

Also for the sake of a coherent and unified front from a Balancer perspective I can see this going in 2 distinct ways:

  1. will continue to add different pools/AMMs to benefit the user
  2. Balancer will want to reflect the same statistics in their own version (currently here:

Given this I’d love to see as part of this grant some form of API layer that will allow us to piggyback on the calculations you’ve made in and to be able to display it in a Balancer only context. We should also sync with this proposal: [Proposal] Balancer LPs rewards analytics and @kuba so we don’t double up the work done.

Finally, how much would you be looking for in a grant in USDC?

Hi! Can you describe what you will do exactly for the grant and how much you are requesting for it, we’d like to have a clear idea on what we fund. I recommend to use this format: Ecosystem Fund Grant Process . The things like “Other AMMs” may not be in the Balancer grant scope. Is your project open source, can you point me to a repository? Also i would like to understand how expensive are you server and why you need servers, can’t you use subgraph directly?

Hey @fabien,
I had a chat with Eggplant and I think we have to update the proposal here. I think for an initial V1, we need to build out some more of the user tools for Balancer specifically.

For example, Uniswap has an Accounts section ( where you can tell what the user’s pools they are in, what their net worth is, how much in fees they have collected, and what portion of the pool they are in.

Currently for Balancer, these are the only things that are shown

As a first step, we can build this functionality into the UI – I think that’s essential information that people would want to know

The scope of work would be:

  • Add information about:
    – fees collected (please read below)
    – pool ownership % fix (right now it’s rounded to an integer)
    – starting token balances
    – current token balances
    – starting liquidity value
    – net pool gains in USD/ETH
    – net pool gains with market prices in USD/ETH

An important note regarding fees collected: Uniswap has this feature to let you know about the fees you collected in a pool. However, upon looking at their code, it’s actually not correct in cases where there are multiple enter/exit pool events over the course of a period (which is bound to happe). Their logic only supposes that you entered the pool at time A and then calculates your share of the pool for the whole duration without considering the share % fluctuations. I can see why they did it that way since we would probably need to build a custom subgraph to determine the average your daily share % of the pool and use that information.

We currently believe there’s a lot of missing analytics that professional Liquidity Providers are yearning for and to be able to calculate ROI is an important aspect to providing liquidity.

Probably will take 2 to 4 weeks to get this fully incorporated to the Balancer site. If we wanted to show the fees collected over a period for a specific user, we would need to build a custom subgraph to determine the correct allocation % of the pool and then calculate the fees collected for that user’s share.

Because we would want to take advantage of caching some data (ie. price data and calculations), we are thinking of having a backend for this. Alternatively, we could technically build a subgraph for this data and aggregate it on the client side – I would look for direction from the community on this.

@tongnk I’m not completely in the loop in terms of what you’re building but I was thinking of adding this directly into the Balancer site, unless the balancer site will move to what you’re building? Some clarity would be good on this.

Regarding the grant amount, I don’t really have an estimate until it’s more clear where this code will live and if we are able to use an api server for this (please advise).


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So from our perspective we’re looking to consolidate all analytics into one piece. We’re currently in the process of building out historical pool analytics and then the final push ideally is to go into wallet analytics. is a good indicator of a final set of functionality - we have things that we are going to do differently due to the more flexible nature of Balancer but the groupings are similar (protocol, tokens, pools, wallets)

Maybe let’s chat in Discord so we don’t overlap and coordinate? Feel free to add me - tongnk