Ecosystem Fund Grant Process

Since announcing our Balancer ecosystem fund we have been overwhelmed by the interest from the community. In order to streamline the grant process and facilitate conversation around the grant requests we have created a standard template (see below) for all grantees and will be moving away from Discord for these discussions.

In order to be considered for a grant please copy the template’s markdown below, create a new post (under the category ecosystem-fund), and then we’ll let the community reply and follow-up privately with the next steps.

As a reminder grants do not necessarily need to be technical in nature.

Looking forward to seeing all the submissions! :rocket:

#Balancer statistics portal grant proposal

*The proposal in one sentence*

Build a stats portal with A, B, C and D features.

*What will be done, what are the deliverables*

Lorem ipsum Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem 

*What problem it solves*


*Timeline and milestones with requested payment schedule in BAL (subject to vesting) or DAI/USDC* 

**August 2019**
First phase done

**September 2020:** 
Second phase done
Third phase ready to test

**October 2020:**
Mainnet ready


The project will be open source under MIT license and will be publicly available at this address on the release:

*Team members and their roles in the project and backgrounds*

**John Doe**
**Role:** developer, UX/UI designer
Co-founder at xxx
Lead developer at yyy 
Creator of xxx.js the official JavaScript library for xxx

*proposal to fork BAL [ERC20]

What is funds.Community $FEE?

Funds Community’s multi-faucet DeFi protocol will offer collateralized loan options with Fee, fé, for users of various pool tokens assets, such as ETH/YFI/BAL/LEND Users can collateralize crypto at a latter cost for chances of acommodation/reservation/exchange/transfer from the blockchain portal


  1. Creation
  2. Adoption
  3. Airdrop
  4. ICO
  5. Crowd-sale
  6. Campaign


  • Reservation
  • Health Services


Is the grant program dead I see a couple of good ideas but no one talking on them, would like to see more partnerships and airdrops.

Media support, project beta testing and wiki/site/medium localization

Youtube video, articles, and telegram group, search for bugs, and translating wiki/site with crowdin, translate articles, make telegram stickers.

-This will help you better integrate into your local communities
-It will help users see the service as a complete product
-To increase the loyalty and trust of the users
-Attract new users

October 2020
-Russian localization
-Bug inspection
-Create local telegram group

November 2020
-Hindi localization
-YOutube videos, articles
-Bug inspection

December 2020
-Italian localization
-YOutube videos, articles
-Bug inspection
-Wiki translation