[Proposal] Enhance Awareness and Accessibility

#Balancer statistics portal grant proposal

The proposal in one sentence

Build features and practices to increase project’s awareness and accessibility.


What will be done, what are the deliverables

Deliverables include: education, customer support, business processes , new features and training.


What problem it solves

A improves communication

B increase customer user base

C reduces obstacles to utilizing services


Timeline and milestones with requested payment schedule in BAL (subject to vesting) or DAI/USDC

August 2021

First phase Analysis

October 202:

Second phase Testnet on approved strategy

Third phase ready to test

January 202:

Mainnet ready


The project will be open source under MIT license and will be publicly available at this address on the release: https://github.com/username


Team members and their roles in the project and backgrounds

Alicia Jefferson

Project Lead developer, UX/UI designer




President at Nai Xander, Inc.




I’m not clear on the deliverables. What form would the education, etc. be in?

thanks for the proposal, @ajefferson . There is a group of community volunteers that are actually working on a community portal, it’s currently very bare bone for now. If you’d like to help out before we launch it - let us know:)

Hi @ajefferson just checking on the idea - would you like to get involved and work with us on the community portal?

Hello. I would be interested in working with you but via a grant or payment. I think you stated you were only interested in me volunteering my time. I have over 20 years experience in IT.

You can submit a grant proposal to lead the effort, I would suggest that you create a team and do it with 2-3 other people. For instance @HavOx submitted a similar proposal.