Some Ideas - wanted feedback before proposal

Wanted to start off the conversation with 3 ideas - didn’t want to create formal proposals yet - wanted to get some feedback first and see other people’s thoughts. On all the ideas below I am prepared to lead the efforts to completion, so LMK if any are worth our time.

  1. Our BaLler conversations happen over discord, forum, notion, and I’m sure there are txt channels out there too. How could we organize this all under one roof? - or at least a wiki page (or start page) that has all the places listed. When we have a new BaLler do we have formal documentation or welcome package that we want them to read over? (this could be another project)

  2. How do we judge the health of Balancer protocol? Could we create an interactive “one-sheet” or web portal that shows all the key metrics in one place? Ex. - Overall Liquid, (other technical financial matrices), Wallet Particapitation (NEW Unique wallets interacting with the platform), Twitter Post, Discord Activity, ETC. Is there interest in creating an interactive page that shows this all under one roof?

  3. Brave Ads - Is there interest in me doing research into running a simple static ad on Brave Browser? I have seen (the old) self-serving interface, and it was extremely straight forward. I believe that we will attain a lot of liquidity from their users - as many users are already crypto enthusiasts. There are a lot of steps in this process but wanted to see if there was initial interest, and I will happily move forward.



Great questions. Discord has been quiet the past weeks aside from the various tier/migration discussions. Would be great to find where all the chatter is taking place. I also agree that it is hard to determine how BAL is doing, and some KPIs would be great.

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Re: KPIs, we’ve got a few dashboards on Dune: Balancer dashboards and analytics

Feedback is most welcome! Also, don’t hesitate to fork any of the queries there and propose improvements to them :slight_smile: Cheers!

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Thanks - I also wanted so double-check if any of the ideas had been implemented yet. That’s a great site, let’s try to figure out where to sticky that link as I think many will find useful. I might make a notion board with all these types of links.

Thanks for the thread and all these suggestions/questions @HavOx ! We definitely need more people in the community doing this.

Let me comment the 3 points:

  1. I’d ping @marta here. Currently we have this notion page that describes the idea of the Ballers program.
  2. It would be awesome if you could as Markus said suggest some improvements to the Balancer dashboards. Maybe we could try to vote as a community what are the most important metrics and create a one-pager that shows all of them? That could be in itself a small project already. Would you be interested in leading this?
  3. I’d love to hear what Marketing-savvy forum users have to say about how effective these could be. Do they provide numbers or have other projects done this successfully already? I definitely think we should explore more ways how we could acquire users to the protocol. @Meghan maybe you can give your 2 cents here?

Thanks again,

#2 - Yes the link above is really good - maybe we could just blend that data with some social numbers and one pages it! (I’ve got my wheels turning, need to figure out the tech to use as we could write a custom page that simply pulls in api’s from the different data sources - but that could be a lot of work. Would like something simple like a notion page. (i’m working on that version now too))

#3 - Yes there is some info on click-through rates (but not as much as someone like fb or google display) - from what I have seen my opinion is that they are very good, HOWEVER - YES, this is both new and non-traditional. (but so are we) Check out some info I have gathered here on notion:

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Great, I think we should continue the discussion on Notion for #3 and let us know when you have more to share on #2!

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Just to add regarding #2: Would it be beneficial to apply trader-centric tweaks to the Balancer site?
Say, like if we try the old link “”, it could redirect to the trade/swap page “” instead of to the LP page “”.

Or maybe create a new url like “balancer.swap” that also redirects traffic to the trade page. Or make the home page the trade/swap page instead.

This is just a hunch that maybe we could focus on how user/trader traffic is redirecting for new potential users looking for quick token swaps. Let me know what you guys think of the idea.


Love it - esp bc it’s FREE. Now I’ll say the V2 site is very clean and I think the design is very strong. There might be an issue changing the V1 site links, but I’m going to have a look (Just to be clear - i’m only a community volunteer so my ability is limited)

I know the User Research team in the Labs looked at it and decided that focusing on “invest” rather than “trade” was a better idea. There was some smart research behind it, but dont ask me what was it;)

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Great ideas! Maybe @mike could tell us if these redirects are technically possible (just to be sure)?

Regarding making the home be trade instead of invest, this is definitely a good question but given Balancer’s main focus on being an asset management/investment tool we thought that should be first.

The way redirects happen we had a choice of redirecting the deeplinked urls, i.e. to the new app equivalent or to Unfortunately both can’t work at the same time since they use url fragments and server side they can only match on So we decided keeping deeplinks that are probably shared externally in communities were more important to keep working

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@HavOx what are the next steps here? Did the feedback provided satisfy you or would you like to continue the discussion?

This was extremely helpful. As I approached Balancer - I had no idea the mountain of work that was accomplished before me. TBH A lot of my time thus far has simply been trying to get up to speed with you timelords!

Ideas #1 and #2 - Have already been done well by someone more qualified.

#2. - I am still gathering research and examples on the other dashboards/dune analytics. Since this project has already been started, I will then take a wide-angle view and see if there is anything other groups are looking at that we are missing. However, I do not imagine much action on this one, but my research might prove valuable, so have added it to this project. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

#3. - I have gathered and pulled together some info - I have publically passed everything to Meghan. See the project here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

On this project - we ran into - SOME marketing destinations will not talk to Community Volunteers - So I was limited in my ability to help. I wanted to say I am not done with trying to help with growth hacking Balancer. But I do need to sit down and figure out how best to do that. (and YOU have helped me with that!) I have reached out on Discord, and I patiently await some points of clarity.

In the meantime - I have added a 2nd example of a popular crypto destination that I think would be interesting to advertise on, EtherScan. I did the same thing where I simply gathered the information for the team. Simply Scroll down from the above Marketing Research link to see the Media Kit and initial contact email.

I have not put in a pre-grant proposal yet - as I just don’t want to embarrass myself and want to make sure I’m doing a project that is both useful and in my skill set! (and not already started!)


Great and thank you for all your kind words! Thank you for working with Meghan, indeed she’s very busy right now, so it may take some time. WRT etherscan advertising, that’s an interesting idea. I think neither of them are super urgent so we can wait for Meghan.
On the #2 I would love to see your suggestions - on how can we get metrics for community health and usage of the protocol.

To summarize, what do you think about working on a Community Audit, similar to what Mozilla did: Contribute/Audit - MozillaWiki ?

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@HavOx following up on this - do you have anyone to do the Audit with?